Yuejin Wrecker

Yuejin wrecker configuration: adopts Yuejin drill 3800 wheelbase chassis, Yangchai 110 horsepower with intercooled supercharged engine, optional Chaochai 109 horsepower with turbocharged engine, transmission is Iveco 17H-33 five-speed box, front The bridge is 3 tons, the rear axle is 6 tons, with directional ribs and pneumatic brakes. The Yuejin flat wrecker uses the Yuejin flat one-to-two structure.

Yuejin wrecker parameter configuration table and picture display

Basic parameters of Yuejin wrecker and pictures of Yuejin wrecker:
1. Dimensions (mm): 7330*2300*2600
2. Overall dimensions of the plate: length: 5400mm, width: 2300m
3. The load-bearing weight of the plate: 4-7.5T
4. The weight of the rear support arm: 2T
5. The winch tension is 4T, and the steel wire rope is 20 meters long
6. Other configurations: LED electronic rear lights, side lights, (steering, reversing, driving, braking)
7. The new cab (Expo version): The layout is connected, stamped, with a thickness of 3mm, with a crystal instrument panel, electric flameout, and halogen headlamps.
8. Supporting service: engineering warning lights, shouting microphones
9. Single set of equipment: 4 tight rope belts, two new trolley auxiliary wheels, which are more convenient and quick to use, so that the trolley driving wheel can be separated from the ground and is convenient for towing .
Wrecker leap upload part: with floor hooks, automatic slide, a 4T tension winch, the rope length of the sub-20M, 2T rear arm bracket, strap lorry 4, to help the new tugboat wheel 2, a set of hand tools, engineering police Lights, microphones, LED electronic lights for rear taillights, and all imported hydraulic components.

Yuejin Wrecker
The front face of the Yuejin wrecker
Yuejin Wrecker
The rear view of the flatbed part of the Yuejin flatbed wrecker
Yuejin Wrecker
Side view of Yuejin flatbed wrecker

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