Yuejin small refrigerated truck


Product name: Yuejin small refrigerated truck

Overall dimensions of the vehicle: 5150×1705×2710(mm)

Internal dimensions of the compartment: 3120×1550×1680(mm)

Engine: Liuzhou Wuling 1.5L displacement 113 horsepower gasoline engine

Transmission: Monvo 5-speed manual transmission

Tire size: 185R15LT 8PR tubeless tire (rear twin tires)

Total weight: 3320Kg (blue card)

Rated load quality: 940Kg

Curb weight: 2250Kg

Refrigeration unit: optional -5℃ to -18℃ chiller / chiller brand different prices are subject to change

Other configurations: adopt the original chassis of SAIC Maxus Automobile Co., Ltd., the new Yuejin Xiaofuxing S70 half-row cab; wheelbase 2850mm, cab seats 2 people; equipped with Liuzhou Wuling 113 horsepower gasoline engine (displacement 1.5L/power 83Kw / Euro Sixth emission); 5-speed manual gearbox; with direction assist; with heating and cooling air-conditioning; with ABS anti-lock; oil brake (front disc brake); auxiliary leaf spring, with cooling compressor bracket; with headlights Height adjustment; other standard configuration.

Yuejin small refrigerated truck

Yuejin small refrigerated truck

Yuejin small refrigerated truck

Insulation box structure Yuejin small refrigerated truck 

It is manufactured by a hydraulic adsorption integrated molding production line, and the thermal insulation performance reaches the national A-level standard. The inner fabric of the car body is made of the latest nano-glass reinforced plastic (no light absorption, good thermal insulation, strong hardness, and oxidation resistance), and the thermal insulation material is 5-8cm high-density polyurethane insulation. Floor, the bottom of the car body is made of nano glass fiber reinforced plastic, the back door is fully sealed fiberglass double-opening door, the stainless steel back door hinges and locks, the interior of the car body adopts LED lighting and the width of the car body.

Temperature required to transport various materials

Vaccine and medicine refrigerated truck (2~8 degrees), vegetable, fruit, milk truck (0~-5 degrees), cold meat truck (-5 degrees ~ -15 degrees), ice cream cold drink truck (-10 degrees~ -15 degrees)

Cooling machine selection Yuejin small refrigerated truck 

Different units can be selected according to customer's car needs, customers can choose -5℃, -10℃, -15℃, -18 to -20℃ refrigeration unit;

The refrigeration unit brands include domestic Kelly, Jinda K brand, Hana, Hanxue, Huatai, Songhan, Kaixue, Super Cool... and other refrigeration units;

Imported refrigeration units, Carrier, and Cold King. The refrigeration unit is divided into an independent unit and a split unit!

The refrigerated heat preservation truck can be equipped with "refrigeration + heating" dual temperature unit (the control temperature range is +20℃ to -18℃), which can be used in severe cold areas such as Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, etc.

You can also choose

1. Rail meat hook, T-shaped ventilation slot, open side door on the right;

2. GSP temperature and humidity recorder, real-time temperature monitoring with printing device;

3. The inner fabric of the seafood compartment must be made of stainless steel;

4. Optional 220V-380V external power supply (when the vehicle is stopped, the car body is cooled by the external power supply).

5. Vaccine and medicine refrigerated trucks need to be certified for GSP drugs. It must be equipped with 5 ventilation slots at the front, rear, left, and right of the car body and the bottom of the car body, and a temperature and humidity recorder with a printing device!

6. The inside of the medical waste refrigerated transportation vehicle must be made of fully enclosed stainless steel, with a stainless steel closed inner lift door, installed with anti-virus spray device, installed with ultraviolet anti-virus device, and installed with waste liquid spill box device!

Note: Our company can act as an agent for instalment business, with zero down payment below 100,000, and can handle instalment across the euro , and act as an agent for licensing business!

Yuejin small refrigerated truck, Yuejin small refrigerator truck

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