Yuejin small flatbed truck


Yuejin small flatbed truck

Yuejin Blue Brand Flatbed Transporter|Yuejin Blue Brand Excavator Transporter, the length of the flatbed is 4.2 meters and the slope is 0.4 meters. 5mm anti-skid checker plate, double spring ladder, simple feet, beam spacing 350mm, beam 100*100*5mm; pull 8 tons and below non-removable construction machinery transport vehicles, such as excavators, loaders, harvesters and other machinery.

Yuejin small flatbed transporter, the chassis adopts the original chassis of Nanjing Yuejin Company, X500 wide-body cab, 232 double-layer girder, 8-speed with auxiliary transmission, 8-ton rear axle 1092A, 8.25R16 steel wire tire (without spare tire), air cut Brakes, with steering assist, urea tank, with ABS.

Flatbed transporter is also called flatbed trailer, flatbed truck, bulldozer transporter, excavator transporter, hook transporter, excavator flatbed, excavator flatbed transporter, excavator flatbed trailer, excavator trailer, excavator pallet truck, hook Machine flatbed truck, hook machine flatbed trailer, etc.; with a ladder at the back, mainly used to transport some non-removable objects like excavators, loaders, harvesters; flatbed trucks are widely used in factories, construction sites and other large-scale production or engineering locations, flatbed The characteristics of the strong load-bearing capacity of the transport vehicle make it play an important role in the process of economic development.

Yuejin small flatbed truck | Yuejin Blue Brand Excavator Transporter Parameters

Vehicle Chassis: leap forward
engine: Weichai 140 hp
Gearbox: 8-speed with auxiliary gearbox
Dimensions: 5990x2400x2450(mm)
Wheelbase: 3300
Front axle: 3.5 tons
Rear axle: 8 tons rear axle
tire: 8.25 steel wire tire
Total mass: 4290(Kg)
Rated contained mass: 500(Kg)
Curb weight: 3595(Kg)
Modification Instructions: Plate thickness: 5mm pattern plate, ladder: 120mm set of 100mm channel steel, beam: 100mm national standard square steel, the height of the plate from the ground is 850mm-900mm. The cargo platform is 6 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. It is the most ideal model for transporting 8-12 tons of small excavators, bulldozers and harvesters. The cargo platform is only 0.85 meters away from the ground. It is a transport vehicle suitable for various road conditions.

Picture of Yuejin small flatbed truck

Yuejin small flatbed truck

Yuejin small flatbed truck

Yuejin small flatbed truck


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