Yuejin mobile vending truck


Yuejin mobile vending truck parameter configuration table and picture display

Detailed parameters of Yuejin mobile sales truck

Basic parameters
Vehicle model: CLW5040XSHN4
Overall vehicle size (length×width×height): 5.998×1.995×3.03 meters
Description: It can be used as single-sided, double-sided and three-sided sales windows. Various styles of shelves can be made as needed. It can also be installed with kitchen equipment such as integral kitchen cabinets, stoves, range hoods, sinks, and freezers to become a mobile dining truck .
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: NJ1041ZFDCMZ
Emission Standards: Euro four
Fuel type: Diesel oil
Wheelbase: 3308(mm)
engine model: Iveco SOFIM8140.43D4
Maximum horsepower: 125
Maximum power: 92(KW)
Tire specifications: 7.00-16LT 8PR

Yuejin mobile vending truck

Yuejin mobile vending truck front right

Yuejin mobile vending truck

Yuejin mobile sales truck right rear

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