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Yuejin 5 cbm mixer truck

Yuejin 5 cbm mixer truck

Yuejin 6 cbm mixer truck parameters
Vehicle name Yuejin 5 cbm mixer truck Chinese Brand Yuejin 5 cbm mixer truck
engine Yuchai 130 hp- Euro V Displacement (ml) 3922
Dimensions 6860×2230×3290 Stirring volume 5 cbm
Total mass (kg) 9990 Number of springs 9/10+8,9/11+8
Curb weight (kg) 5480 Rated mass (kg) 4315
Axle load 3600/6390 Wheelbase (mm) 3400
Number of axes: 2 (two axis) (4×2) Maximum speed (km/h) 83
Gearbox Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox Front and rear bridge 3.5 tons front axle 9 tons double rear axle
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications 8.25-20 Original steel wire tire
Front track 16,501,740 Rear track 16,501,725


Tank parameters (5 cbm mixer truck)
Tank material: Alloy steel (special wear-resistant material — increase tank life more than 3 times) Cylinder material: 16 manganese steel 6mm alloy steel
Blade material: Baosteel 520 5mm alloy steel (add wear strip to increase service life) Head material: 8mm alloy steel
Reducer: German ZF reducer/Italy Bonfiglioli PMP (net import) Hydraulic system: Rexroth, Germany, Eaton, USA, Sao, Italy, PMP (net import)
water supply system: 400L water tank air pressure water supply cooling system: Kaitong radiator/Xinxiang radiator
Feeding speed: Feeding speed m3/min≥3 Discharge speed: Discharge speed m3/min ≥ 2
Residual rate of discharge: Residual rate of discharge (%) ≤0.5 Operation method: Three-way operation of left and right cabs
Unloading range: 180° up, down, left and right height adjustment safety devices: Installation of leakage receiving device


Advantages of mixing tank
Mixer reducer: International imported brands, German Rexroth, Italian PMP, Italian Bonfiglioli, etc., with strong truck rying capacity and low failure rate
Hydraulic system of mixer truck: All use the internationally renowned hydraulic system, the tank operation is more stable, the unloading speed is faster, and the residue is low!
Supporting facilities: The vehicle feed is easy to predict, fast, multi-function operation is convenient, and more labor-saving and worry-free
After-sales service: Three guarantees service for tank reducer for one year or 30,000 kilometers
Service Information
After-sales service: Three guarantees of after-sales service for chassis and bodywork for one year or 30,000 kilometers
payment method: Prepaid deposit production, pay the balance in installments before picking up the truck (simple procedures)
installment: Down payment ratio 30%
Mode of transportation: Come to the company to pick up or deliver the truck on behalf of the company’s logistics department


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