XCMG Hanfeng 8×4 16 tons truck-mounted crane


Real shots of XCMG Hanfeng's 8x4 16-ton truck cranes

XCMG Hanfeng 8x4 16 tons truck mounted crane configuration

Chassis configuration:
XCMG Hanfeng 8x4 chassis, XCMG special product, new G5 cab, equipped with Weichai 350 horsepower engine, Fast 12-speed gearbox, wheelbase 2200+4250+1350mm, front double axle 6.5 tons, rear double The bridge is 13 tons, 300mm special three-layer girder, 11.00R20 steel wire tires, headlight adjustment device, automatic brake adjustment arm, ABS, direction assist, air conditioning, etc., the maximum speed is 80km/h, and the front passenger is 3 people. .

Crane parameters:
XCMG 16-ton five-section straight-arm crane, full hydraulic system, 360-degree full rotation, high-altitude seat operation, high-altitude pedal throttle, front outrigger span 2323mm~7023mm, maximum lifting height of the crane 20 meters, the largest The boom is 18.5 meters long, and the crane can lift up to 1 ton at the farthest horizontal distance.

XCMG Hanfeng 8x4 16 tons truck-mounted crane configuration parameter table
Vehicle name XCMG Hanfeng 8x4 16 tons truck-mounted crane
Vehicle model NXG5310JSQN5
Vehicle size 12000×2550×3850mm
Cargo box size 8350×2450×550mm
Chassis introduction The appearance of the XCMG Hanfeng cab, 8×4 axles, 8x4 chassis, Weichai 350 horsepower, Fast 12-speed gearbox
engine model WP10.350E53, Weichai 350 horsepower
Emission Standards GB17691-2005 EuroV, GB3847-2005, EuroV
Gearbox Fast 12-speed gearbox
Front and rear bridge The front double bridge is 6.5 tons, the rear double bridge is 13 tons
Beam thickness 300mm special beam
Tyre model 11.00R20 steel wire tire
Crane brand XCMG 16-ton five-section telescopic boom crane, high-altitude operation (optional operation)
Lifting capacity The boom extends 5.6 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 7 meters. The boom extends 8.5 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 4.2 tons. The boom extends 11.5 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 3.2 tons. The boom extends 14.5 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 2.2 tons
Total mass 31000kg
Curb quality 20280kg
Tonnage 10590kg
Promotions For the full purchase of the truck , the crane manufacturer will give you a 500 yuan fuel truck d

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