XCMG 16 ton truck mounted crane


FAW XCMG 16 ton truck mounted crane

The Jiefang series models have always been the most trusted models, and the same is true in the special-purpose vehicle industry. This article introduces the Jiefang J6 front, four, and rear truck-mounted cranes, equipped with XCMG 16-ton straight arm cranes, and the Jiefang J6 front, four, and rear chassis. XCMG 16-ton crane with guaranteed quality

XCMG 16 ton truck mounted crane

Chassis configuration FAW XCMG 16 ton truck mounted crane

Jiefang J6M semi-floating flat-roof cab, LCD instrument, electric glass lift, manual rearview mirror, air damping seat, single DIN Beidou compatible vehicle system, Dachai Deutz CA6DK1-32E5 euro Six 325 horsepower, gearbox CA10TA130M FAW 10-speed transmission (flange output power take-off), axle Ф457 cast axle (automatic adjustment arm, domestic ABS), speed ratio 4.875, 300×80×(8+5+5) three-layer girder, automatic air conditioner, 400L steel Fuel tank, iron bumper, high-efficiency single air filter, aluminum radiator, two-point coil spring suspension at the rear of the cab, manual hydraulic lifting device, suspension is front and rear, electronic hand throttle, with maintenance reminder function, engine It reflects the 50,000-kilometer oil change interval, anti-splash fenders, and ESC headlights.

Hoist configuration FAW XCMG 16 ton truck mounted crane

Dongfeng Tianlong’s front four and rear eight 16-ton truck-mounted cranes are often equipped with XCMG cranes ranging from 14 tons to 16 tons. The crane brands can be selected from Sany, XCMG, Shimei, etc., 360-degree full rotation operation, standard front hydraulic outriggers, Radiator, can be retrofitted with single or double chamber hydraulic rear outriggers, with high-rise seat.

The above picture shows the parameters of XCMG's 16-ton truck-mounted crane with five-section boom crane, the front four and the rear eight-section crane. Straight boom or folding boom crane can be selected. The outrigger is 18.5 meters long and the lifting height is 20 meters. The lifting parameters in the horizontal direction are as follows: the boom length is 18.5 meters and the lifting capacity is 1 ton;

It is equipped with different cranes, different elevation angles, working radius, lifting height, and the lifting weight of different boom lengths will also be different.

Car size

The size can be selected from 8350*2450*600 and 8200*2450*6000mm, the bottom plate of the cargo box is made of 5mm thick national standard plate, the thickness of the fence is 2mm, the bottom of the cargo box is made of square tube longitudinal beams, and the beam spacing is within 30 cm

Optional configuration FAW XCMG 16 ton truck mounted crane

According to the national announcement parameters and expansion pictures, XCMG's 16-ton truck-mounted crane can be equipped with a ladder (this style of cargo box is mainly used for excavators, harvesters and other construction machinery), and the cargo box has a ladder The bottom plate can be selected from 5mm thick or 8mm thick plate, the bottom beam and longitudinal beam of the cargo box are made of square tube material, the rear of the cargo box is provided with simple outriggers, and the double-spring climbing ladder.


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