Why are Dongfeng chassis used for cleaning sewage suction trucks?


Friends who are familiar with cleaning sewage suction trucks may find a rule. The Dongfeng chassis is usually used for cleaning sewage suction trucks, regardless of size. Why do everyone use Dongfeng chassis to modify the cleaning and suction truck? The reasons are as follows:

Why are Dongfeng chassis used for cleaning sewage suction trucks?

1. Geographical advantages: As the capital of special vehicles in my Euro , Suizhou is my Euro 's largest production base for cleaning and suction vehicles. The production bases of Dongfeng Chassis are located in Shiyan and Xiangyang, Hubei, 300 kilometers and 180 kilometers from Suizhou, the production base of sewage suction trucks. As the saying goes, the moon comes first near the water platform, and the Dongfeng chassis is naturally easier to be selected because of its short distance.

2. Space advantage: Dongfeng chassis has a longer wheelbase at the same price and the same configuration, and the reserved space for modification is reasonable and sufficient. It can be installed directly at the modification plant, and the modification cost is low and efficient. Therefore, when producing cleaning and suction trucks, the refitting factories are more willing to choose Dongfeng chassis.

3. After-sales advantages: Dongfeng Chassis has 1040 after-sales service stations, covering all important provinces and cities. After-sales maintenance is convenient, and there is no worries during use. This is an important reason why the majority of users are more willing to choose Dongfeng chassis when buying a joint dredging vehicle.

4. High market retention: Dongfeng chassis has a high retention rate in the market, so the cleaning and suction trucks with Dongfeng chassis are more valuable. Because of the high inventory, the maintenance spare parts are generally available at maintenance points, and the maintenance cost is low. This point is very important. This is also an important reason why the owner of the sewage suction truck is willing to choose the Dongfeng chassis.
Why are Dongfeng chassis used for cleaning sewage suction trucks?

5. Complete announcements: There are many announcements for cleaning sewage suction trucks using Dongfeng chassis, as small as a few cubic meters meters, and more than 20 cubic meters meters. The announcement is complete and convenient. Other chassis are not comparable to Dongfeng chassis, so more Many people choose Dongfeng chassis.

The above five advantages have caused Dongfeng Chassis to dominate the market of cleaning sewage suction trucks in one fell swoop. In the field of cleaning sewage suction trucks, Dongfeng chassis has an unshakable position.

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