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What configuration do you choose for sewage suction trucks operating in plateau areas?

February 24, 2021

In the previous article, I explained why the performance of the sewage suction truck has deteriorated seriously when it reaches the plateau area. As you can learn from this article, because of the special environment in the plateau area, ordinary sewage suction trucks cannot be used. In order to run smoothly in the plateau area, the sewage suction truck needs to be specially configured according to the special environment of the plateau.

Power of sewage suction truck

When the vacuum sewage suction truck is operating on the plateau, the power of the engine will decrease in different degrees due to different altitudes. The lack of oxygen in the air in plateau areas leads to insufficient oxygen intake into the engine and insufficient combustion, which causes the engine power to drop. No matter what kind of truck will be due to the reduced oxygen content of the air, there will be insufficient power.

As the altitude increases, the air pressure gradually decreases, and the air density becomes smaller and smaller, resulting in less and less engine intake and lower power performance. Every time the altitude increases by 1000m, the atmospheric pressure drops by about 11.5%, and the air density decreases by about 9%, and the truck power will drop by about 10%.

Therefore, the start of the sewage suction truck will cause a power drop due to its altitude, and the power drop will cause two problems:

1. Lack of traction due to power drop. When the vacuum sewage suction truck is operating in plain areas, it can travel easily when the suction tank is fully loaded, but in plateau areas, it is necessary to reduce the loading capacity, otherwise the vacuum sewage suction vehicle will have difficulty driving.

2. Due to the decrease in power, the power provided to the sewage suction pump also decreases. The sewage suction pump that was originally easy to operate during the sewage suction operation in the plains caused the suction to decrease due to insufficient power, and even failed to operate.

Regarding the problem of poor power of sewage suction trucks in plateau areas, when buying sewage suction trucks, we need to choose high-horsepower and high-quality engines, such as Yuchai engine or Cummins engine. At the same time, replace the clean air filter element in time to ensure unobstructed air intake. Dirty air filters may continue to be used on the plains, and there is not much difference that can be felt, but on the plateau, this effect will be magnified a lot.


Sewage suction trucks operating in plateau areas need to be truck efully considered when choosing a sewage suction pump

When choosing a sewage suction pump for small sewage suction trucks operating in plateau areas, truck eful consideration is required. It is best not to choose a water ring pump. The weight of the water ring pump will increase the load of the small sewage suction truck and increase the burden on the engine. Compared with rotary vane pumps, water ring pumps require more horsepower during operation. If you choose water ring pumps for small sewage suction trucks operating in plateau areas, it is easy to cause suction due to insufficient power and insufficient speed of the sewage suction pump. decline. In severe cases, the sewage suction pump cannot even run.
At the same time, high altitude also means longer freezing times and lower temperatures. The water ring pump uses water as the coolant, which freezes in cold climates. Once the water freezes, the water ring pump cannot operate. Therefore, sewage suction trucks equipped with water ring pumps are more affected by temperature in plateau areas. If your sewage suction truck is a large sewage suction truck and you must choose a water ring pump, you need to choose antifreeze as the coolant during the freezing season, and it is best to choose a coolant without alcohol.

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