Two fecal suction and sprinkler multifunctional vehicles ordered by Hunan customers in our factory


Two fecal suction and sprinkler multifunctional vehicles ordered by Hunan customers in our factory

Recently, a customer in Zhuzhou, Hunan, ordered two 4-ton Dongfeng Furuika fecal suction and sprinkler multifunctional dual-purpose vehicles from our factory. This is the first fecal suction truck and sprinkler in Hunan Zhuzhou. The dual-purpose, multi-functional special purpose vehicle used together, the overall model is beautiful and beautiful, and the small motor installed on the green work platform at the rear drives the sprinkling function to be more appropriate.

These two multi-functional vehicles are the person in charge of a farm in Zhuzhou, Hunan. Mr. Zhou contacted me the manure suction truck manufacturer to inquire about purchasing a Dongfeng 5 ton manure suction truck . After some introduction and faxing a detailed picture and technical parameters Later, because the team participated in the negotiation of truck purchase decisions and required product requirements for dual-use functions, the contract was finally signed to purchase a Dongfeng Furuika 4 ton fecal suction dual-use vehicle with a 95-horsepower engine and 7.00-16 tires. , With a spare tire, dedicated part of the manure tank, real manure pump, swing rod, oil-water separator, sprinkler part standard: front flush, rear sprinkler and green cannon, and with convenient operation special sprinkler pump, can be self-priming Self-draining, in addition to send 2 water pipes. There is also a Honda pump with a small motor.

Fecal suction truck special function description:
The company specializes in the production of Dongfeng Xiaobawang fecal suction truck, Dongfeng Duolika fecal suction truck , Dongfeng Donkey Kong fecal suction truck, Dongfeng 140 fecal suction truck , Dongfeng 145 fecal suction truck , Dongfeng 153 fecal suction truck , Faw pointed fecal suction truck, Dongfeng For pointed gasoline fecal suction trucks, users can bring their own chassis. Our factory provides the production modification of the top parts.

The fecal suction truck is equipped with imported anti-overflow devices to prevent feces and sewage from filling up to the vacuum pump system. The tank body has a turtle-back design, which will not deform permanently. Install the Hangzhou Weilong vacuum suction pump (Italian technology), which is ranked first in the Euro quality evaluation, the suction pipe can be rotated 360 degrees, the discharge adopts self-draining and pressure discharge, and the float level controller is installed with an electronic alarm device . It can be self-priming and self-discharging, it is convenient to suck, and it has the characteristics of high vacuum and long suction range, which can satisfy different users in different use environments. The fecal suction truck can be equipped with a sprinkler function according to customer requirements. The water and fecal tanks can be separated separately, which can be used for both suction and sprinkling.

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