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Bulk feed truck

Bulk feed trucks are mainly used to transport finished bulk feed products or raw feed production grains from feed mills to livestock farms and poultry farms and feed processing users. At the same time, it can also be used to transport certain non-corrosive powder and granular materials, such as powder and Grain depot turnover.
The feed tank of the bulk feed truck is erected on the chassis of the truck, and the top of the tank has an inlet opening. A screw conveyor unloading pipe (commonly known as unloading auger) at the top can rotate and lift freely, with an elevation angle of up to 60 degree. During transportation, the spiral tube at the top lies on the top of the tank; when unloading, it is lifted so that the discharge port at the end of the tube is connected with the feed door on the top of the storage tank of the livestock and poultry farm. The device can also be installed at the end of the tank. When unloading, the screw is driven by the power output shaft and reducer under the vehicle to complete the unloading. At present, several tonnage models such as 3T, 5T, 8T, 11T, 15T and 22T are mainly launched in China.

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