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Towed LED advertising vehicle

Towed LED advertising vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

牵引式LED  LED Advertising truck 图片

The towed LED advertising vehicle adopts P10 full-color screen, with high brightness, stable performance and impact resistance. The picture is three-dimensional and vivid, clear and dynamic, and equipped with a light control system, which can adjust the brightness of the screen based on the outdoor light. It is convenient to move, and can change the location and information at any time without installation and disassembly. The combination of dynamic and static images can complete multi-form, multi-directional and multi-type information release. Equipped with a TV receiving truck d, which can receive cable or wireless set-top box TV signals. The visual range is wide, the audiovisual is strong, and the transmission effect is obvious.

The towed LED advertising vehicle uses an advanced automobile chassis as the walking truck rier, with a stable structure and flexible control. Equipped with professional audio, TV rebroadcast truck d, etc., it can realize indoor large-scale conferences, remote conferences, indoor product display, karaoke and other activities, and can conduct live broadcasts and other large-scale evening events. It is suitable for parking at intersections, and the advertising effect is much higher than that of a fixed display.
Main technical parameters of towed LED advertising vehicle :
Dimensions: 6400×2000×4700mm
Table size of lifting system: 3500×750mm
The actual size of the display screen: (p10) 4800×3200mm
Total weight: 5500KG
Horizontal viewing angle: 110(±55) degree
Vertical viewing angle: 50(±25) degree
Minimum viewing distance: 5m
Lifting range: 400mm-2400mm
Walking part Scissor hydraulic lifting platform and support system Play system, multimedia control system Vehicle stability system Power supply equipment, including intelligent timing power-on system

Modification configuration :
1. Waterproof and shockproof P10 outdoor full-color LED screen is used on one side of the truck body. The screen size is about 10.8-15 cbm meters ; in addition, the screen can be lifted up by 1.5 meters along the slide rail through the hydraulic lifting system (height from the ground) , And has a safety lock valve to control the lifting of the screen.
2. The truck body is a 5cm composite steel frame truck body with cold-rolled steel plate and aluminum plate on the outside.
3. Computer control data, image transmission and playback, live broadcast, etc.; the computer operating platform is installed in the trailer.
4. An external power supply is provided with the truck , and 220V city power can be exchanged at any time, saving costs.
5. One high-equipped industrial computer, waterproof speakers, broadcast-level power amplifier, and console.
6. Equipped with electromechanical integration control, circulating ventilation and cooling system, safe and intelligent internal and external network power distribution switching system, and gigabit streaming media control system.

Towed LED advertising vehicleIt has no power and needs the power of other vehicles to walk. The size of the truck can be ordered at will. Welcome to visit the factory for consultation.
More pictures of towed LED advertising vehicles:

牵引式LED广告  LED Advertising truck 实际效果图


会议现场外的牵引式LED  LED Advertising truck 图片

露天转播节目的牵引式LED广告  LED Advertising truck 图片


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