Three ring Haolong 8×4 14 tons truck-mounted crane


Three ring Haolong 8x4 14 tons truck crane real shot pictures

Three ring Haolong 8x4 14 tons truck mounted crane configuration

Chassis configuration:
Sanhuan Haolong’s 8x4 14-ton truck-mounted cranes are equipped with Yuchai’s 270-horsepower engine as standard, Fast 9-speed gearbox, XCMG 14-ton single pump crane, and the truck go box can be 7.2 meters or 8.5 meters. All the parameters and configurations of the truck can meet the licensing requirements. The crane manufacturer strictly produces in accordance with the announced standards, and does not oversize or overweight.

Vehicle name: Three ring Haolong 8x4 14 tons truck-mounted crane
Vehicle model: STQ5311JSQB5
Chassis model: STQ1311L16Y3B5
Truck Size: Yellow truck d
Vehicle size: 12000×2500×3880mm
Cargo box size: 7200, 8500×2400×550mm
Chassis brand: Three ring Haolong 8x4 chassis
Crane brand: XCMG 14-ton five-section straight arm, 360-degree full swing, high-altitude seat operation
engine: Yuchai 270 horsepower
Gearbox: Fast 9th gear
Emission Standards: Euro five
Wheelbase: 2150+4300+1350mm
Front and rear axles: Double front axle 5 tons, double rear axle 10 tons
Beam thickness: 300mm (8+8) partial three layers
Tyre model: 11.00R20 steel wire tire
Other configuration: Central lock, electric doors and windows, airbag seats, 280L aluminum alloy fuel tank, with ABS, under protection, optional air conditioning, driving recorder
Optional configuration: Cranes can be selected from brand cranes such as 10 tons, 12 tons, 14 tons, 16 tons XCMG, Sany, Shimei, Chengli, Changxing, etc.
Total mass: 31000kg
Quality of preparation: 17700kg
Registered tonnage: 13105kg
Lifting height: Maximum lifting height 15.8 meters
Lifting capacity: The maximum working radius is 13.8 meters. The boom extends 6 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 6.5 tons. The boom extends 8 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 5.2 tons. The boom extends 10 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 3.6 tons.
Model advantages: Dark horse models in 2018, quality guaranteed
Listing information: The fuel bulletin and environmental protection bulletin are complete, and the listing is normal nationwide. Our company can assist in the licensing business

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