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The similarities and differences between the suction truck and the sewage suction truck

February 16, 2021

Similarities between fecal suction truck and sewage suction truck

1. The power is basically the same: both the fecal suction truck and the sewage suction truck rely on vacuum for suction and discharge operations;

2. Anti-overflow device: both models are equipped with imported anti-overflow devices to prevent feces and sewage from being filled up to the vacuum pump system;

3. The structure of the special part is basically the same: it consists of a power take-off, a drive shaft, a vacuum suction pump, a high-pressure forming tank, a water-gas separator, an oil and gas separation, a multi-way reversing valve, a boom, a fecal valve, and a fecal suction gun , The pipe network system is composed of a vacuum pressure gauge, a dirty window (pipe), and a hand washing device;

4. Mainly suitable for use in municipal sanitation, agriculture, chemical industry, factories and mining enterprises, property communities, and schools

5. The sanitation exemption is the same: Both the fecal suction truck and the sewage suction truck are sanitation vehicles, and generally they have a vehicle purchase tax exemption announcement, which can save customers 10% of the total vehicle price.

The difference between suction truck and sewage suction


1. Affected by the structure and shape of the tank, the vacuum and suction power of the fecal suction truck is not as large as that of the sewage suction truck. The suction range of the fecal suction truck: ≥7m, and the suction range of the sewage suction truck ≥10m.

3. The suction medium is different: the fecal suction truck can only extract liquid with suspended matter, while the sewage suction truck can basically extract debris smaller than the pipe diameter.

2. Different sewage discharge methods: the tank body of the suction truck is fixed on the truck , and can only be discharged by the pressure difference of the vacuum pump or the pipeline is self-discharged; the rear of the tank body of the sewage suction truck can be opened, and the liquid lifting function is used. Inclined straight row effect is better.

5. The work capacity and scope of work are different: the sewage suction truck can complete all the tasks of the fecal suction truck, but some tasks of the sewage suction truck cannot be completed.

6. The sewage suction truck relies on the vacuum generated by the vacuum pump to suck a certain volume of sand and stone and other objects, and the fecal suction truck relies on the suction pump to work

3. Affected by usage habits, northern users use sewage suction trucks more often, while southern users generally use sewage suction trucks.

4. Price difference: The performance of the sewage suction truck is better than that of the fecal suction truck. The price of the natural sewage suction truck will rise, and the price of the two models with the same chassis and configuration will have a difference of about 40,000 to 50,000.

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