The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker


The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

25 tons of heavy wrecker FAW front side of the map

The FAW of 25 tons of heavy wrecker chassis configuration: The FAW of J6 series chassis, Changanchun J6L flat top of the cab, the cab factory air-conditioning, a large 225-horsepower diesel engine, a small 8-speed gearbox, the wheelbase 5800mm, 10.00R20 steel tire factory, breathe brake, ABS original.

25 tons of heavy vehicles wrecker FAW configurations: single bridge J6 FAW heavy wrecker, 10 tons conjoined tops, two section boom of formula hexagon, three corbel, split truckriages, imported hydraulic system, bilateral linkage operation means the front bumper with the counterweight, stronger than the performance and endurance.Two 8-ton electric hydraulic winch rope 35 m, diameter 16mm, with four sets of Fork, sets a trailer, a tow fork lug plate, a bead holding means lorry set of tools, auxiliary lamp assembly 1 set, the auxiliary pipe assembly units 1, yellow with a long row of LED lights Engineering.I wrecker adoption of advanced foreign skilled technology products, production processes, all imports of seal, reinforced beams fixed to enhance the truckrying capacity.

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

Hubei Cheng Li Group plant aerial viewMap

Cheng Li Group is a truck, education, investment as the mainstay of the company, ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is an important part of the process of the Group, is the way of the main pillars of the Group's auto sector enterprises.In 2010, ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. covers an area of 500 acres, in the book more than 2,000 employees, production and marketing of various types of special purpose vehicles of more than 10,000 units, the output value of one billion yuan, export 15 million yuan, 20 million yuan turned over to state tax.

ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd., NDRC designated professional production of various kinds of special-purpose vehicles manufacturers, large dedicated truck factory.Well-known landscape, petrochemical, municipal sanitation special vehicle manufacturers.The company has the right to export their own products occupy a large number of foreign markets, leading varieties sprinkler, tanker, truck mounted crane, refrigerated trucks, wrecker trucks, flatbed trucks, suction truck, sewage suction trucks, garbage trucks, sweep bus, truck, dump truck, coach trucks, semi-trailer, fire truck, chemical trucks, powder material truck, concrete mixers, pressure vessels and other 18 series300More varieties of models.Registered trademark "Cheng Liwei" brand, won the well-known trademarks in China, Dongfeng, FAW of the company's important cooperation partner, dedicated primarily engaged in various types of vehicle manufacturing business, while sales of all major vehicle manufacturers and accessories.


The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

25 tons of heavy wrecker FAW front side of the map

J6 FAW has passed the Euro heavy-duty wrecker exempt from notice, now exempt from purchase tax, because part of special vehicles, different engine types, so there will be differences in vehicle prices.Please contact us before purchase, we will recommend the most appropriate vehicle configuration and the best price for you according to your needs.

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW of 25 tons of heavy wrecker positive rake chart

And the biggest difference between the old models under the 2018 FAW J6L appearance is part of the bumper and boarding pedal, FAW J6L 2018 models with wide body bumper, the front face of the cab one-piece design, a more coordinated, because the use of wide-body Insurance bars, anti-drilling bumper beam is blocked, more beautiful.

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

25 tons of heavy wrecker FAW front side of the map

Because the use of wide-body bumper, so 2018 models FAW J6L bumper designed non-slip pedal, safer and more beautiful, standing on the bumper scrub the front windshield is also more convenient.

The FAW of the old section of J6L While boarding pedal is a two-stage, but up and down into two different materials, feels very inconsistent, and 2018 models using the same material FAW J6L two-stage non-slip pedal boarding, and widebody front and rear bumpers echoes, both beautiful coordinated, safe and reliable.

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW of 25 tons of heavy wrecker rear side of the map

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW of 25 tons of heavy wrecker engine

2018 models can be optional FAW J6L Deutz FAW large diesel CA6DK, CA6DH, CA4DK, CA4DH this 4 engines, power coverage 160-320 horsepower and have adopted 50,000 km long oil change technology, to meet the different needs of users to choose power configuration.

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW of 25 tons of heavy wrecker rear axle


2018 models rear axle FAW J6L uses 378 single reduction axle, speed ratio is 4.4 and 33.875 two options to meet the different needs of high-speed standard truckrier transport and general transport.

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW of 25 tons of heavy wrecker gearbox

Gearbox is standard model of FAW CA8TAX090M 8-speed gearbox, can also optional Fast 8-speed gearbox, to meet the user selects a different driving habits.

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW of 25 tons of heavy wrecker driverroom

2018 models of FAW J6L main driving position using the seat cushioning airbags with ventilation function, not only can improve the comfort of the vehicle when the driver drove bumps, but also in the hot and humid season to make contact with the part of the driver's seat ventilation , dry, improve comfort on the somatosensory.

Electric rear-view mirror electrically adjustable and can be heated, which is rare, FAW J6L 2018 models upgraded design is still very praise at 6 m 8 trucks in.

2018 models FAW J6L standard cruise control on the highway can liberate the right foot, improving driving comfort and, in the case of cruise control, vehicle fuel consumption and more stable.

Decoration on the center console of the cab, silver decorative plates from the past into the FAW J6P, JH6 like brushed silver decoration, the visual effect is more beautiful, more on the grade.

In addition to the control keys left familiar hazard warning lights, fog lights, convert the electrical horn, the cab and the engine power mode switch flips, but also increased the headlight height adjustment switch, of course, is to follow this "GB7258-2017" the relevant provisions.

Paragraph 2018 in the middle of the seat back J6L adds two cup holders, easy fujia main cup holder, next to the main drive of the seat base there thermos bottle, thermos into them very reliable, safer.

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW of 25 tons of heavy wrecker truck cab

Display console by an intermediate portion of the ribbon, can be optional 6.5-inch large-screen multimedia system to meet the entertainment needs of young truck drivers.Without the optional large screen, radio, and it is divided into compartments.

The middle area of multimedia and air conditioning control area has two truckd slots, especially highway truckd inserted in the truckd slot, which is convenient to take place, it will not forget, fall, this design is very praise.

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW of 25 tons of heavy wrecker rear axle

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

The following table shows the technical parameters Wrecker

Vehicle Specifications

product name

FAW J6 heavy wrecker



The total mass


Curb weight


Standard cab Adults


Maximum speed


Hoist Specifications




Chassis Specifications

Chassis Name


Chassis Type


Number of axes


Number of tires

7(Including the spare tire)



Tire specifications




Rear axle


Fuel type

Diesel fuel


Breathe brake

Emissions standards

GB17691-2005Euro Ⅴ, GB3847-2005

engine model

Engine Manufacturer

Displacement (ml)



FAW Group



Tops Basic Configuration

The standard configuration

10T conjoined tops, x2 8 tons winch with a hydraulic winch, the rope 35 m, 4 Fork sets, sets a trailer, a tow fork lug plate, a mistruckriage means lorry set of tools, auxiliary lamp Total into a set of auxiliary pipe assembly set, with a long row of yellow lights of a project.

The following table is the wrecker staging scheme (particularly subject to actual purchase accounting for reference)

The FAW of 25 tons of heavy wrecker (to 290 000, for example)

Down payment:



Down payment



loan amount






Guarantee fee





Investigation costs


Security deposit (refundable)



First to mention the cost of truck

117 360

168 400

twenty fourMonthly pay



Borrowing costs



Staging Materials needed:

ID truckd, household, marriage certificate, proof of property (real estate proof), bank water, proof of income;

Car buyers Age: 22-55 years of age.

Competition model configuration comparison

product name

FAW J6Heavy Duty Wrecker

Dongfeng heavy-duty wrecker

Special Business153Heavy Duty Wrecker

DongfengD9Heavy Duty Wrecker







Small eight stalls





10.00Steel tire

9.00Steel tire

10.00Nylon tire

9.00Steel tire


5. 8 m




air conditioning





Number of stock





Guide price

29Ten thousandTo 30Ten thousand

27Ten thousandTo 28.8Ten thousand

25.5Ten thousandTo 27Ten thousand

twenty four.2Ten thousandTo 25.5Ten thousand

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The FAW 25 tons of heavy wrecker

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