T KING oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck

Tang Jun, oil and gas dual compartment refrigerated trucks length 3.12 m, is a country using gasoline / CNG dual-fuel five refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trucks is a small, integrated transport available: 1-2 tons of medicines, vaccines, meat, food , Beer, ice-cream drinks and other refrigerated goods.

Tang Jun oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck parameter configuration table and picture display

T KING oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck
product name Tang Jun 3.1m oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck Vehicle price Power Conference
Vehicle model ZB5034XLCBDC3F Pick up date 7 working days
Chassis model ZB1034BDC3F Emission Standards Euro four
Vehicle size 5055×1780×2760 Fuel type Gasoline/natural gas
Body size 3120×1570×1700 engine model DK12-05 Chongqing Well-off Power
Body volume 8.3 cubic meters meters Power horsepower Gasoline 65kw88 horsepower / natural gas 58kw78 horsepower
Total mass 3490kg Wheelbase 2700mm
Rated contained mass 1375kg Number of passengers 2 people
Curb quality 1985kg Tires 185R14 6PR steel wire tire
Types of truck ds small truck d (C permit to drive) Fuel bulletin no
T KING oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck

Chassis configuration: Tang Jun oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck with a length of 3.12 meters, fuel type: gasoline/CNG dual-use fuel, using Chongqing Xiaokang power, using natural gas to reach 78 horsepower, gasoline can reach 88 horsepower, 14-inch tubeless tires, rear With twin tires, the size of the upper body is 3100*1570*1700, and the volume reaches 8 cbm s. op45mlf69ff00o

T KING oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck

Envelope configurations: inside and outside the refrigerated trucks envelope fiberglass laminated insulation material polyurethane intermediate vacuum suction sections forming a composite; thickness 8cm, promulgated by the Ministry of Health meet food grade requirements, high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low thermal conductivity , Non-polluting, not easy to damage, etc. The bottom plate is made of aluminum alloy non-slip checkered plate to ensure the insulation performance of the bottom plate and the impact resistance of the bottom plate. The double rear door door frames are all made of glass fiber reinforced plastics, the door panels are light in weight and have good anti-corrosion performance. The center seam of the double back door has a slope for easy opening and closing. Refrigerated trucks doorjamb envelope seal quality imported rubber (EPDM) sealing seal, to ensure stability of truck riage insulation effect, door, lock and accessories are made of stainless steel.

T KING oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck

Optional equipment: Tang oil and gas dual-fuel refrigerated trucks: the last small refrigerated trucks, and are based on the gasoline engine, along with the Euro environmental standards and the requirements of households, companies call requirements of our customers, the grand launch of the new gasoline, natural gas, two Fuel refrigerated trucks are easy to operate, flexible and simple. To meet your different requirements for truck rying and transporting goods, it is suitable for the distribution of vegetables, fruits, dumplings, etc. The truck body can be made according to the meat hook truck standard, and the overall reinforcement is strengthened. Three tracks are added to the top of the truck body. The refrigerated truck unit uses a non-independent refrigeration unit, and the refrigeration temperature is optional from 0 to 18 degrees.

Other remarks: The sales volume of small refrigerated trucks has always been the absolute leader in the market, because this type of truck is easy to operate, flexible and simple, and is convenient for users to distribute in the city and short-distance transportation. There are various brands to choose from: Beiqi Foton, Changan Xiaoka, JAC Haowei, Carry Chery, Landscape Bread, Jinbei Bread and so on. At the same time, imported units such as American Carrier and Cold King can be installed according to the requirements of users, with faster speed and stronger cooling temperature. Comprehensive transportation: 1-2 tons of refrigerated goods such as medicines, vaccines, fresh meat, food, beer, ice cream drinks, etc.

T KING oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truckT KING oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck

Optional equipment:
Ventilation slots on the floor, ventilation partitions around the compartment, temperature and humidity recorder: onboard printing, high and low temperature alarms, GPS positioning.
In the event promotion, some models are sold on the spot, and the truck is delivered to the door in three days nationwide, and the truck is paid on delivery, with zero risk; no need to worry about the operation of the truck , the engineer has free on-site training, and the school will be provided; on-site service within 48 hours across the Euro , worry-free after-sales, Commitment to lifelong maintenance! Please consult our business manager for details!

T KING oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck

Advanced refrigerated trucks have high requirements for insulation materials:
(1) Uniform foaming and low density;
(2) The thermal conductivity is as small as possible, generally lower than 0.045 W/(m/K);
(3) The stability to temperature changes should be good, and the performance should meet the specified requirements within the temperature range of -40 to 70 ℃;
(4) It has a certain degree of mechanical strength and can withstand the vibration and impact of the truck in harsh road conditions without damage or deformation;
(5) Low water absorption and moisture absorption, good frost resistance;
(6) Non-toxic and odorless, with low air permeability, no toxic and harmful gases should be decomposed when the heat insulation material burns;
(7) The price is low, and it is easy to form. It can be filled, poured, sprayed and other processes to form the compartment insulation layer.

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