Wrecker Truck

Qingling Isuzu Flatbed One Tow Two Wrecker Truck

Qingling Isuzu road wrecker is modified by our factory with Qingling Isuzu 600P series chassis, single row non-reversible cab, Isuzu 120 horsepower engine, MSB 5-speed gearbox, direction assist, inter-cooling supercharged, original air conditioner, flat plate length 5.6 Meters, width 2.3 meters, 5mm checkered plate or cold stamped concave-convex plate, flat plate carrying weight 5.5 tons; three-ton two-section rear support arm. 4 tons of winch, 21 meters of steel wire rope. It can tow 6 tons. Vehicle configuration: engineering warning lights, shouting microphone, tight rope strap, auxiliary car.