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Jiefang J6 Bulk Feed Transporter (20  cbm)

Jiefang J6 Bulk Feed Transporter (20 cbm)

Jiefang J6 bulk feed transporter vehicle model CLW5180ZSLC5 bulk feed transporter , tank volume 20 cubic meters, FAW Dachai 180 horsepower engine, ABS, driving recorder, original air conditioner, electric glass, electric reversal, 9.00R20 steel wire tire, Jiefang The J6 bulk feed truck can be divided into multiple bins for loading and unloading a variety of different feeds. There are two standard bins, which can strengthen the tank body. Medium: extruded and pelleted feed, powder, corn; density: 500 kg/m3. And according to the actual situation of the user, electric screw auger type (three-phase electric supporting place) or hydraulic screw auger type (no three-phase electric place) can be selected.
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