Bulk feed truck

Futian first four and eight bulk feed trucks

Medium: extruded and pelleted feed, powder; density: 500 kg/m3; tank effective volume 40 cubic meters, tank size: length 9000mm, long axis 2495mm, short axis 2310mm. The special device for this vehicle is the animal husbandry feed warehouse , Dumping method: livestock raising dumping. The corresponding relationship of long/front suspension/wheelbase/rear suspension is: 12000/1555/1800+4700+1350/2595,12000/1555/1800+4725+1300/2620;12000 /1555/2000+4500+1350/2595, 12000/1555/2000+4525+1300/2620, 12000/1530/1800+4700+1350/2620; protective material: Q235A carbon steel, connection method: bolts on the left and right sides The connection and the rear lower protection are all welded. The rear protection section size (mm): 100×50×5, the rear protection ground...