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Dongfeng tianjin road sweeper

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Dongfeng tianjin KR road sweeper

Dongfeng Tianjin Euro Four Road Sweeper

Dongfeng Tianjin State Four Road Sweeper adopts Dongfeng Cummins 180 horsepower engine, the emission standard has reached the national four standards, the auxiliary engine is optional Jiangling diesel engine, the Dongfeng Tianjin State Four Sweeper vehicle control box is in the cab, and the electrical system of each system is centralized. Control and easy operation.
Dongfeng Tianjin Road sweeper

Dongfeng Tianjin Road sweeper

  Dongfeng sweeper main function parameters: cleaning speed: 3-25Km / h, cleaning efficiency: ≥95%, the maximum particle size of inhalation: 120mm, the maximum discharge hopper angle: 45 °, the maximum sweeping width: 3.5m, the maximum cleaning capacity: 70,000 cbm meters / h, the hydraulic tank capacity: 60L, the sub-engine speed: 1750r / min, the hopper volume: 7-8m3, tank capacity: 3.5m3 …

Dongfeng tianjin wet and dry road sweeper

Dongfeng tianjin wet and dry road sweeper

Dongfeng dry sweep truck works Cleaning: Vice engine-driven hydraulic pumps and fans work.Hydraulic pump drive left and right scan disk stretching, lifting, rotating.Left and right sides of the garbage scan disk to sweep sweeper below, the front nozzle.The fan is working so that the hopper, and the pipette nozzle duct consisting of high-speed airflow is generated in an air stream, …

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