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Dongfeng street road sweeper vehicle

Dongfeng Ruiling (Xiaodolika, Jinka) road sweeper

Dongfeng Ruiling small road sweeper is a new type of high-efficiency sweeping equipment integrating road sweeping, garbage recycling and transportation. It can be widely used for road cleaning of arterial highways, municipal and airport roads, urban residential areas, parks and other roads.

Dongfeng Ruiling road sweeper has four brushes and a rear suction cup. When working, the brush sweeps the garbage to the bottom of the vehicle (with spray pressure), and then the suction cup after the vehicle runs can suck in the garbage bin after passing the garbage. The tank and water tank are made of stainless steel, with longer life span, with auxiliary engine (Jiangxi Isuzu 57kw77 horsepower), maintenance-free fan, Hypress solenoid valve, etc.
Ruiling road sweeper is equipped with 1.5 cubic meters of water tank volume and 4 cubic meters of garbage bin volume. The front sweeping belt has automatic avoidance function, the maximum sweeping width is 3.2 meters, and the maximum absorbing particle diameter is 100mm.

Dongfeng DLK D9 road sweeper

Dongfeng DLK D9 road sweeper

Dongfeng DLK D9 sweeper comprehensive map Chassis Configuration: Dongfeng DLK series original chassis D9, D9 half row cab, horse power Guo five optional Cummins diesel engine 180, wind speed gearbox 6, wheelbase 3950mm, 9.00R20 steel tire, air brake, dynamic Changanan e, clutch booster, breathe brake, exhaust brake assist, electric windows, central locking, ABS, air conditioning. Tops configuration: 3.5 cubic water …

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