Water Truck

Dongfeng D9 (12-15 cbm) water truck

Hubei Chengli Automobile: Dongfeng D9 (12-15 square) water truck (National VI) product model and parameter configuration, Dongfeng D9 (12-15 square) water truck (National VI) high-definition pictures, Chengli automobile series Dongfeng D9 (12) -15 party) Please call the customer service hotline for the latest quotation of the water truck (National VI) Vehicle technical parameters: tank volume: 10 cubic meters; water spray width: 14 meters; water cannon; lift: 28 meters; vertical suction: 6 meters; total mass (Kg): 11995kg; rated load (Kg); 7170kg; curb weight (Kg); Parameter Chassis name Dongfeng Dolica...