Road Sweeper

Dongfeng D9 washing and sweeping truck

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng D9 series, 2315 row half cab, 5200mm wheelbase, ISB180 50 six-cylinder engine (Cummins 180 horsepower), Fast 8-speed gearbox, 250 double-layer frame, 10T rear axle, 9.00R20 steel tires , Air conditioning, air brake, ABS, airbag seats. Top configuration: with stainless steel cabinet, volume of 9 cubic meters, with 2 central sweeping discs, Cummins 170 horsepower auxiliary engine; Italian motor; German high-pressure water pump (front flush / side spray / middle spray / rear spray / flushing water gun / garbage Box self-cleaning device); universal high-pressure roadside cleaning nozzle,...