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20 cbm bulk feed truck

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Jiefang J6 Bulk Feed Transporter (20  cbm)

Jiefang J6 Bulk Feed Transporter (20 cbm)

Jiefang J6 bulk feed transporter vehicle model CLW5180ZSLC5 bulk feed transporter , tank volume 20 cubic meters, FAW Dachai 180 horsepower engine, ABS, driving recorder, original air conditioner, electric glass, electric reversal, 9.00R20 steel wire tire, Jiefang The J6 bulk feed truck can be divided into multiple bins for loading and unloading a variety of different feeds. There are two standard bins, which can strengthen the tank body. Medium: extruded and pelleted feed, powder, corn; density: 500 kg/m3. And according to the actual situation of the user, electric screw auger type (three-phase electric supporting place) or hydraulic screw auger type (no three-phase electric place) can be selected.
Dongfeng 153 bulk feed truck (10 tons)

Dongfeng 153 bulk feed truck (10 tons)

Dongfeng 153 bulk feed transporter (10 tons) adopts Dongfeng 153 flat-head cab, National Fourth Yuchai 160 horsepower or Kangji 170 horsepower engine, wheelbase: 3950mm, Fast small eight-speed gearbox, 3.6T front axle, 9T Rear axle, 10.00-20 tires, 250 double-layer girder, with power steering, clutch assist, air brake, exhaust brake, feed tank volume 20 cubic meters, 10 tons, high-quality cold rolled steel plate produced by Wuhan Iron and Steel, 4 mm thick, effective It has a volume of 20 cubic meters and is divided into three independent bins. The electric screw auger discharges the material. The conveying height can reach 8.2 meters and the horizontal distance can reach 7.2 meters, which fully meets the domestic demand for automatic feeding turrets.
20  cbm bulk feed truck

20 cbm bulk feed truck

The 20-square bulk feed transport vehicle is mainly used by feed factories to transport finished bulk feed products or feed production materials to livestock and poultry farms and feed processing users. The feed tank of the 20-square bulk feed truck is erected on the chassis of a second-class vehicle. The top of the tank has an inlet opening, and a screw conveying unloading pipe (commonly known as: unloading cage) on the top can rotate and lift freely, and the elevation angle is up to At 60 degrees, the screw is driven by the power output shaft of the motor to complete unloading.
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