Sinotruk's ace Chengli 4 ton truck-mounted crane ( small truck d)


The real shot pictures of Sinotruk's ace Chengli 4 ton truck crane ( small truck d)

Sinotruk's ace Chengli 4-ton truck-mounted crane ( small truck d) configuration

Chassis configuration:
Sinotruk’s ace Chengli 4-ton small truck mounted crane is a very practical product. It can be driven by C light, Yuchai 115 horsepower or Xichai 130 horsepower engine, 5-speed with auxiliary transmission, 3360mm wheelbase, air brake Braking system, warm air, power steering, the highlight is the ace special chassis, 200mm girder, 7-ton rear axle, the load-bearing capacity of the girder is the strongest among the good quality models, with a block-shaped truck go box, and a large load capacity.

Crane parameters:
The truck uses a 4-ton three-section straight-arm crane with a capacity of 4 tons. The crane can be installed at 360 degrees. When loading, the crane can be rotated to a thousand acres in the cab. The boom is 3.35 meters long without extension and fully extended. The boom length is 7.56 meters, and the horizontal lifting parameters are: 500kg for a working radius of 7.56 meters, 900kg for 5.46 meters, 1800kg for 3.36 meters, and 3200kg for 2.1 meters.

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