Sinotruk Steyr 8×4 SANY 12 ton ladder truck crane


The real shot pictures of the front four and rear 831 12-ton ladder truck crane of Sinotruk Steyr

Sinotruk Steyr 8x4 31 12-ton ladder truck mounted crane configuration

Vehicle name Sinotruk Steyr 8x4 31 12 ton ladder truck crane
Announcement model SYP5310JSQZQ
Vehicle size 11990×2550×3980mm
Cargo box size 8350×2350×600mm
Chassis brand Sinotruk Steyr 8x4 chassis (8×4)
Chassis configuration Delong M3000 won the bid for standard cab, with air-conditioning, ABS, driving recorder, 400L aluminum alloy fuel tank, 7.5 tons front axle
engine model Sinotruk 310 horsepower engine
Emission Standards EuroFive Standard
Gearbox Fast 9th gear
Front and rear bridge The front axle is 7.5 tons, the rear axle is 13 tons
Tires 12.00R20 steel wire tire
Crane brand Three-one 12-ton four-section straight-arm operating crane
Lifting parameters The maximum lifting height is 16.8 meters, and the maximum working radius is 14.8 meters. The boom extends 7 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 6 tons. The boom extends 10 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 4.8 tons. The boom extends 13 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 2.6 tons.
Optional configuration Standard configuration of truck go box beam: 120×120 5mm thick cbm steel, flat 8mm checkered plate. Reinforced configuration: 150×150 size 8mm thick cbm steel, flat 10mm checkered plate.
Total mass 31000kg
Curb quality 18800kg
Tonnage 12070kg
Model advantage A ladder function is installed at the rear of the truck go box, which can load and unload a large excavator of about 30 tons
Listing information (Except Beijing and Shenzhen) can be listed normally nationwide

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