Sinotruk Howo Washing and Sweeping Truck


Sinotruk Howo Washing and Sweeping Truck

Large road sweeper! Support for instalment business!

Weichai 220 horsepower main engine, Howo 8-speed gearbox, 10.0R20 steel tires, electric glass, air conditioning, Howo TX-M cab, electric flip, 200L fuel tank, double-layer frame, ABS. Two central sweeping pans, Cummins 170-horsepower auxiliary engine, GTM high-pressure water pump, cleaning width 3.5 meters, maintenance-free high-power fan, Polaris electronic water pump, Hypress solenoid valve unit, water tank: 9 squares, trash can: 7 squares. With high-pressure pre-spray, fixed-point washing and cleaning of pavement dirt, and low-pressure washing operation on clean roads, road drying treatment, low-pressure front rush, left and right high-pressure spray rods, high-pressure post-spray, 20-meter high-pressure washing reel , Can suck and sweep, equivalent to a road sweeper + a vacuum car + a road cleaning car working at the same time. Other configurations can also be installed according to the customer's local needs: electronic blister can clean the road surface and wash the curb, guardrail cleaning device, snow removal shovel. Use more than one car, save effort, worry, and money!

Sinotruk Howo Washing and Sweeping Truck

Sinotruk Howo Washing and Sweeping Truck

Sinotruk Howo Washing and Sweeping Truck

Precautions for Sinotruk Howo Washing and Sweeping Truck:

Every 50 hours of operation, the focus is on lubrication and tightening.

1. Clean the main and auxiliary engine fuel filters, air filters, oil filters, water filters, and vacuum line filters. Rinse the sediment in the clean water tank and the inside and outside of the garbage bin.

2. Check the oil levels of the main and auxiliary engines, high-pressure water pumps and various types of engine oils on the chassis, add specified brands of engine oil and lubricating oil if necessary, check the lubrication of the fan bearing seat, and add grease. Fill all grease nipple with grease.

3. Check the connection bolts, nuts, pins, and hydraulic pipe joints of the main and auxiliary engines, fans, high-pressure water pumps, clean water tanks, garbage bins, suction nozzles and spray rods, left and right vertical sweeps, sub-frames and chassis. Connection conditions, tighten if necessary.

4. Check and adjust the belt tightness of the fan and high-pressure water pump, check the ground marks of the sweeping and brushing, and adjust the inclination of the sweeping pan. Check the ground clearance and lifting height of the rigid edge under the suction nozzle, and adjust the height of the support wheel. Check the spraying conditions of the high-pressure nozzles and adjust the spray angle and overlap. Check the sealing condition of the rear door of the trash bin and adjust if necessary.

5. Complete the items specified in the first-level maintenance requirements in the engine and chassis manuals.

Sinotruk Howo Washing and Sweeping Truck

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