Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler

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Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler

Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler

Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler

Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler

Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler

Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler

Sinotruk HOWO T5G fire sprinkler truck adopts T5G series ZZ1167K501GE1 type II chassis jointly built by Sinotruk and German MAN. The national five emission standard, the liquid carrying capacity of the tank is 10-12 tons . 30 fire water pump, the top of the tank is equipped with PS30 fire water cannon, the fire cannon has a range of more than 50 meters, and behind the tank is a working platform, equipped with a green spray cannon. In addition to the function, it also has the function of fire fighting, which can be used for water supply and water supply in water-deficient areas, and can put out general fires.

1. Main parameters of Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler

Vehicle model JDF5160GPSZ5 green spraying vehicle Outside dimensions 8580×2485×3200mm
liquid carrier 8.97 cubic meters~12 cubic meters maximum total mass 16000kg
top speed 101km/h Fire pump rated flow 30L/s 1.0MPa
Fire monitor rated flow 30L/s 1.0MPa Fire cannon range ≥50m
specific power 85/5.815=14.6 Approach / departure angle 19°/12°

Second, the main parameters of the chassis Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler

Chassis model ZZ1167K501GE1 manufacturer Sinotruk Jinan Truck Co., Ltd.
Engine rated power 151kw/210hp engine capacity 4580ml
Engine Emission Standards GB17691-2005 Country V drive form 4×2
wheelbase 4700mm Cab structure Flat head, double door, original single row
Minimum turning radius ≤14m number of passengers 2 people
gearbox manual driver's position left
equipment The instrument panel of the original car is equipped with a fire operation instrument panel and a warning light control box.

1. Alarm;

2. PTO control switch and indicator light;

3. Additional power switch;

Three, fire pump

model CB10/30-XZ type low pressure vehicle fire pump Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler
form Atmospheric pressure centrifugal
Limited Data 30L/s @1.0MPa
outlet pressure rating 1.0MPa
maximum suction depth 7m
water diversion device Self-contained vane pump
Diversion time Maximum suction depth≤35s

Four, fire cannon of Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler

model PS30W Sinotruk howo T5G fire sprinkler
manufacturer Chengdu West Fire Machinery Co., Ltd.
Rotation angle 360° horizontal rotation
Maximum pitch/depression angle Depression angle≤-15°, elevation angle≥+45°
flow 30L/S
range ≥50m

5. Electrical system

1. Install a music speaker in the lower part of the cab.

2. There are 3 side marker lights that meet national standards on both sides of the vehicle.

3. The tail is equipped with side profile lights, combined tail lights and license plate lights that meet national standards.

4. Control system: power take-off switch, music switch is installed in the cab.

6. On-board equipment configuration list

serial number name quantity serial number name quantity
1 PVC suction pipe 2 roots 2 Chassis special tools 1 pay

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