SINOTRUK Howo 6×4 synchronous gravel sealing truck

The synchronous gravel truck is mainly composed of an asphalt spreading system, a stone spreading system, an electrical operating system, and an auxiliary machine system.

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Sinotruk Howo's 6x4 synchronous gravel sealer

SINOTRUK Howo  6×4 synchronous gravel sealing truck

1. Parameters of Sinotruk HOWO 8X4 synchronous gravel sealer

Participate     number
product name
Heavy truck HOWO 8x4 synchronous chip sealer
Vehicle model
Chassis model
Vehicle length, width and height
10200 ×2500 ×3730
Tyre quantity / specification
13 / 12.00R20 steel wire tires
China Euro Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. D340-50 340 horsepower
Working speed ( km/h)
   Main configuration
      Participate     number
Asphalt tank volume
     10 (m ³ )
Stone silo volume
                  16 ( m ³)            
Asphalt pump model
    QGB950/0.8 (The maximum displacement of the pump is 950L/min )
Hydraulic system
      Well-known domestic brands
Control System
    Siemens CLW-36-01
   G20 automatic damper imported from Italy
Insulation method
      Thermal oil insulation (the whole process of heating and insulation of asphalt tanks, pumps, pipes and spray bars)
Spreading width
     4.5 (m )
Particle size ( mm )
Asphalt spreading amount
Spraying medium
Hot asphalt, thermally modified asphalt, diluted asphalt, emulsified asphalt, rubber modified asphalt (should meet the following two conditions: 1 Rubber modified asphalt viscosity Haake 190 1500 2200 Pa.s ; 2 Rubber modified asphalt spray temperature 200 210 ℃ ; 3. Rubber modified asphalt spraying width 4500mm )

2. Work pictures
SINOTRUK Howo  6×4 synchronous gravel sealing truckSINOTRUK Howo  6×4 synchronous gravel sealing truck
Touch screen control, intuitive and easy to master.

2. Exclusive use of imported Italian dual burners, the heating speed is twice as fast as those produced by other manufacturers
3. The full-power power take-off is used to achieve zero-start spraying.
4. Intelligent control of the amount of asphalt and crushed stones
5. Double-layer sprinkler pipes ensure that the spraying pressure of each nozzle is even, and the spraying is more even.
6. The combined bitumen distribution valve is controlled by an electric knob, which is reliable and simple to operate.
7. The unique domestic low-speed, large-displacement asphalt pump ensures the quality of all kinds of asphalt distribution.
8. Asphalt spraying and stone chip spreading are intelligently linked, the tank volume and silo volume are large, and the operation efficiency is high.
9. Specially designed gravel silo and double conveyor belt feeding system to ensure safe and convenient construction in bends, under bridges and in tunnels.
10. Equipped with two sets of control systems (cab, rear operating platform) to ensure the reliability and convenience of operations.

11. Equipped with spray rubber asphalt function.
2. Equipment composition and structural features

The synchronous gravel truck is mainly composed of an asphalt spreading system, a stone spreading system, an electrical operating system, and an auxiliary machine system.
Asphalt Spreading System The spraying system mainly consists of an asphalt tank, heating part, hydraulic part, control part and spraying part.
1. Asphalt tank: The outer wall of the tank is made of stainless steel frosted board, with insulation filler in the middle, and the inside is composed of a heating boiler and a heat-conducting oil coil. The appearance is neat and generous. The additional gas control valve set outside the tank realizes the large and small circulation of the asphalt in the pipeline and avoids the local overheating and aging of the asphalt.
2. Heating part The heating device uses imported burners and matching high-efficiency boilers. It has high combustion efficiency, good atomization effect, low fuel consumption, fast heating speed, safe and stable operation, etc. No manual monitoring is required to ensure that the asphalt in the pipeline can obtain an effective heating temperature.
3. The hydraulic part adopts imported German Rexroth components (hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor) to ensure reliable transmission performance.
4. In the control part, encoders are used to accurately detect vehicle speed and asphalt pump speed to ensure spreading accuracy. The radar, encoder and main circuit switch components are all imported components. After setting the amount of spraying, the PLC automatically calculates the vehicle speed and pump speed, which realizes the automatic control of spraying and can recommend a reasonable speed for the driver.
5. Spraying part The opening and closing of each nozzle is controlled by a gas valve individually. The special pipeline design ensures uniform pressure and good spraying effect.
Stone spreading system
The stone spreading system consists of a silo, a gate control mechanism and a spreader.
The silo is equipped with an internal shadow hidden center-mounted top turning shaft, and the through shaft is used to ensure the stable lifting of the silo; the material door is controlled by 16 channels, and the angle screw angle controller is used to make the material door reach a certain opening. The opening angle of the material door can be set on the angle controller, which is very convenient and accurate. Effectively adjust the spreading uniformity and change the uneven distribution of traditional stones; the adjustment range of the distributor and the blanking board is large, and it is suitable for stones of different specifications (S3~S24mm).


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