Sinotruk Haohan truck mounted crane


Sinotruk Haohan truck mounted crane

Introduction: Sinotruk Haohan single-axle Chengli Changwei 8-ton truck-mounted crane, equipped with Weichai 220 horsepower engine, equipped with Chengli Changwei 8-ton five-section boom crane, with a cargo box length of 5.8 meters, the market sales price of this car is ¥268,000, Our company can assist users to handle the licensing business.

Sinotruk Haohan truck mounted crane

Sinotruk Haohan truck mounted crane

Sinotruk Haohan truck mounted crane

Sinotruk Haohan truck mounted crane

Chassis configuration Sinotruk Haohan truck mounted crane

HOWO H77-2300mm cab, four-point suspension, 10.00R20 steel wire tire, 11-ton rear axle, airbag seat, 300-layer double-layer frame (local three-layer), front and rear multi-leaf springs, air conditioning, central control lock , Electric doors and windows, remote control key, ABS, Sinotruk smart pass D version.

Crane parameters Sinotruk Haohan truck mounted crane

As shown in the picture, the car is equipped with a Changwei 8-ton five-section straight-arm crane. The crane can be selected 360 degrees. When the cargo box is full of goods, the boom can be rotated to the front of the cab. This crane has a maximum lifting height of 19.1 meters and a working radius of 17.1 meters. When the boom is fully extended and the elevation angle is 45 degrees, the maximum lifting capacity is 1 ton. The manufacturer promises that the crane is guaranteed for one year, and only spare parts will be charged outside the warranty period.

Cargo box parameters: 5800*2400*550mm, optional cold riveting compartment, three sides and five bottoms, through sub-beams, crossbeam encryption, side beam frame reinforcement, corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deform, durable.

Modification Instructions Sinotruk Haohan truck mounted crane

The crane can be installed in four directions according to the user's requirements, and the adjustable arm can be equipped with a brick clamp, a wood grabber, a drill pipe, a remote control, a single-person hanging basket, a double-person hanging basket, and the rear outrigger can be optionally equipped with a fixed vertical support Legs, single-chamber hydraulic rear outriggers, double-chamber hydraulic rear outriggers, radiators can be added to the crane, and you can contact customer service for specific options.

Contact customer service for reserve price: +86 18872992009 (same number on WeChat)

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