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Sinotruk ace two-row publicity vehicle

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Sinotruk ace two-row publicity truck

Sinotruk’s ace two-row publicity vehicle is a two-row gasoline engine advertising vehicle . The vehicle is mainly equipped with LED advertising screens. It is a special vehicle for advertising and popular science.

Chassis configuration:It adopts the original Sinotruk ace chassis, double-row cab, 3050 wheelbase, 5-speed gearbox, 4A15 engine of Mianyang Xinchen Power Machinery Co., Ltd., and 185R14LT 6PR tires.

Top configuration: LED advertising vehicle compartment configuration (optional according to customer needs)
One: P6 or P5, p4 full-color outdoor waterproof and shockproof screen on the left side of the truck body. You can play advertising, video materials, and public service videos.
Two: The bar on the right is a monochromatic subtitle LED display.
Three: 3 scroll light boxes on the lower right side, you can place 5-7 frames for scrolling playback. LED color screen is also optional. Four: The back side is a monochrome LED display, which can display subtitles. The back door is side-opening.
Five: The whole vehicle is equipped with ventilation and heat dissipation system and power generation equipment.
Six: The standard version comes standard with an inter Euro brand Omar 8 kilowatt remote control extremely ultra-quiet generator. Seven: 4 large outdoor waterproof sound columns and a strong sound amplifier.
Eight: advertising vehicles truck body configuration control systems, play systems, cab console.
Nine: The truck is surrounded by a large body, with a built-in fuel port, luxurious interior, beautiful and practical.
Ten: Hydraulic lift on one side of the screen. The lifting height is 1.5 meters. (Optional)
Eleven: Playback system: special industrial control computer for vehicle or asynchronous control box (plug in U disk directly)
Sinotruk ace dual-row LED advertising vehicle
product name: Sinotruk ace two-row advertising vehicle Dimensions (mm): 5520×1930×2780
Vehicle model: JHW5031XXCC Cargo compartment size (mm): 2900x1800x1900
Optional main color screen (outdoor high-definition color screen, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, anti-static full color screen)
Screen Name screen size Screen area Module size
Outdoor HD P4 screen 2304mm*1536mm (high configuration) 3.54㎡ 256mmx128mm
Outdoor HD P6 screen 2304mm*1536mm 3.54㎡ 192mmx192mm
Outdoor HD P5 screen 2560mm*1440mm 3.68㎡ 160mmx160mm
Bodywork configuration (standard)
Cabinet material: 5CM composite steel frame box Interior material: High temperature resistant fiberglass sandwich panel
Electric control system: Safe and intelligent internal and external network automatic switching ventilation system: Powerful exhaust fan + exhaust skylight
Power amplifier: High-power broadcast power amplifier Audio brand: Wanshengda 2 waterproof sound columns
Floor material: Aluminum non-slip pattern floor
Industrial control system: I4 high-end industrial computer video playback system
power supply system: Optional : 6.5-9KW gasoline generator set or battery power supply system (single-sided color screen with 6.5KW, double-sided screen with 9kw)
Hydraulic lift: Optional : hydraulic lifting and manual stage board (area 5 cbm meters)
Vehicle parameters
Total quality: (kg) 2545 Approach/departure angle (°) 39/23
Curb weight: (kg) 2220 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 605/1425,605/1505
Axle load: 700/1845 Maximum speed (km/h): 115
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: CDW1030S2M5Q batch: 283
Number of axes: 2 Fuel type: gasoline
Wheelbase (mm): 3070 Front wheelbase (mm): 1338
Rated passenger: 2 Rear wheelbase (mm): 1375,1405,1455
Number of tires: 4 Number of springs: -/5
Tire specifications: 175R14LT 8PR
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
4A15 Mianyang Xinchen Power Machinery Co., Ltd. 1495 75

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