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Sinotruk Ace Aerospace Huixin 6.3 ton truck-mounted crane

The real shot pictures of the 6.3 ton truck-mounted crane of Sinotruk Ace Aerospace

Sinotruk Ace Aerospace Huixin 6.3 ton truck-mounted crane configuration

Chassis configuration:
Sinotruk’s Ace Aerospace Huixin 6.3-ton truck-mounted crane, model CDW5110JSQHA2R5, and the size of the vehicle is 7350×2450×3500mm. It is a small and medium-sized truck-mounted crane. The truck adopts Sinotruk’s 2080mm width semi-cab, Yunnei 130 horsepower engine, 5-speed gearbox with auxiliary transmission, 9 tons rear axle, 2500mm local three-layer beam, 8.25R20 steel tires (7 for the whole truck , including spare Tyres), leather seats, HOWO heavy-duty liquid crystal display instrument, remote throttle, original power take-off, direction boost, air brake, exhaust brake, ABS. It is equipped with a 6.3-ton four-section straight-arm crane for Aerospace Huixin, with a maximum truck go box length of 4.3 meters.

Crane parameters:
The truck uses a 6.3-ton four-section straight-arm crane of Aerospace Huixin, model SKMS6.3S3K. The crane adopts the most practical four-position operation mode in the middle position, and the crane can rotate 360 degrees. The crane has a maximum lifting height of 13.8 meters and a working radius of 11.5 meters. The maximum lifting capacity of the crane is 1 ton when the boom is fully extended. The manufacturer reminds the user to strictly follow the operating instructions and nameplates.
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