Shifeng water tank fire truck


Shifeng water tank fire truck parameter configuration table and picture display

Model overview Shifeng water tank fire truck is modified by our factory based on Shifeng's original second-class chassis SF4015W. The whole vehicle has a compact structure; the special part consists of liquid tank, pump room, equipment box, power output and transmission system, pipeline system, The electrical system and other components are widely used in urban public security fire brigade, petrochemical industry, factories and mines, forests, ports, docks and other departments. It can quickly approach the fire site to start fire fighting and put out various fires. It is an ideal fire fighting equipment.
Vehicle model Jug fire truck Chassis model SF4015W
Quality parameter
Maximum total mass (kg) 4150 Dimensions (mm) 5650mm×1860mm×2600mm
Rated loading mass (kg) 900 Tank volume (mm) 2 tons
Whole vehicle curb weight (kg) 2875 Wheelbase (mm) 3100
Engine parameters model 4DW91 Discharge GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro III
Power/displacement (kw/ml) 3298/62 Shandong Shifeng (Group) Co., Ltd.
Performance parameter Maximum speed (km/h) 90 Wheelbase (mm) Front bridge 1380
Cab Flat head double row Rear bridge 1458
Leaf spring 5/8+4 Overhang length (mm) Front suspension 962
Number of tires 6 Rear suspension 1853
Tire specifications 6.50-16 Driving angle (°) Approach angle twenty three
Number of axes 2 Departure angle 10
Dedicated function Water tank capacity (L) Fill water 2000L
Fire monitor Model: PS20 fire monitor, flow rate 20L/S/1MPa Water range: ≥55m
Fire Pump 1. Normal pressure fire pump model: CB10/20 vehicle fire pump, flow rate: 20L/s, pressure: 1.0MPa
2. Water diversion time ≤35s (7m suction depth) water ring diversion Sandwich full power power take-off
Performance description The cab is an all-steel frame welded structure, the front of the passenger compartment is connected to the cab, with double rows of four doors; the tank body is built-in, the material is high-quality truck bon steel (Q235A), the plate thickness is 4 mm, and the truck bon steel tank has a height Technological anti-corrosion treatment, durable; equipment compartment door adopts aluminum alloy curtain door, roller and chute guide, easy to open and close, low noise; equipment compartment two sides and rear flap pedal, adopt gas spring, door stop limit device double Fixed, reliable safety performance; In addition to the original vehicle equipment, power take-off control indicator lights, 100W alarms, LED warning lights, marker lights, outline light switches and rear lights, etc. are installed in the cab; see on-board equipment Schedule.

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