Shifeng small 4-ton truck-mounted sling dump


Shifeng small 4-ton truck-mounted sling dump ( small truck d) real shot pictures

Shifeng small 4-ton truck-mounted sling dump ( small truck d) configuration

Chassis configuration:
Shifeng small 4 ton truck-mounted sling is used for self-unloading, using Shifeng Fengchi 1800 single-row widened body, the body color can be selected from engineering yellow, China red, 7.50-16 tires (including spare tires), and the engine uses Xichai 88 Horsepower engine, EuroV standard, 5-speed with auxiliary gearbox, 1058 rear axle casting integrated molding, with direction boost, clutch boost, air brake, ABS, electric doors and windows, headlight adjustment device, automatic brake adjustment arm, parking triangle, etc. In 2018, the new regulations are listed on the license configuration.

Crane parameters:
The truck is equipped with a Heli 4-ton four-section telescopic boom crane. The crane can be installed at 360 degrees. When the truck go box is full of truck go, the boom can be rotated to the front of the cab. This crane has a maximum lifting height of 11 meters and a working radius of 9 meters. When the boom is fully extended and the elevation angle is 45 degrees, the maximum lifting capacity is 0.4 tons. The manufacturer promises that the crane is guaranteed for one year, and only the cost of spare parts will be charged outside the warranty period.
Vehicle parameters:
Vehicle name: Shifeng small 4-ton truck-mounted sling dump
Vehicle model: SSF5042JSQJ54
Chassis model: SSF1042HDJ54
Card Type: small Card
Vehicle size: 995×2255×2850(mm)
Cargo box size: 3240×2170×400(mm)
Chassis brand: Shifengfengchi 1800 light chassis
Crane brand: Heli 4 tons four-section straight arm crane
Cargo box length: 3.3 meters
Engine: EuroV Xichai 88 horsepower
Transmission: 5-speed with auxiliary transmission
Emission standard: EuroV emission, environmental protection, complete fuel
Wheelbase: 3300mm
Optional configuration: add air conditioner, truck go box telescopic function
Total weight: 4495(Kg)
Curb weight: 4000 (Kg)
Registered tonnage: 365(Kg)
Model advantages: multiple functions, self-unloading of the truck go box, affordable price
The truck-mounted crane manufacturer makes the whole vehicle strictly in accordance with the requirements of the announcement, does not exceed the size, has a fuel announcement, an environmental protection announcement, and the EuroV emission standard, and is listed on a Euro scale. At the same time, our company can also arrange professionals to assist users in listing, please rest assured to buy.

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