SHACMAN Xuande Sany 12-ton truck mounted crane


SHACMAN Xuande Sany 12-ton truck mounted crane

Guide: Shaanxi Automobile Xuandeyi 6 rear eight-wheel Sany 12-ton truck-mounted crane, with a carriage length of 8.4 meters, Yuchai 270, 300 horsepower engines, national VI emission standards, Sany 12-ton four-section boom crane, arm length 14.8 Rice, factory direct selling price starts from ¥435,000, can be paid in installments, free of service fee, for reference only.

SHACMAN Xuande Sany 12-ton truck mounted crane

SHACMAN Xuande Sany 12-ton truck mounted crane

SHACMAN Xuande Sany 12-ton truck mounted crane

Chassis configuration SHACMAN Xuande Sany 12-ton truck mounted crane

Shaanxi Auto Xuandeyi 6 rear eight-wheel chassis, Yuchai 270, 300 horsepower engine, select the appropriate engine according to road conditions and working environment, Fast 9-speed/10-speed high and low speed gearbox, with synchronizer, front The bridge is 6.5 tons, the rear axle is 10 tons, 153 bridges, 300mm straight-through three-layer girders, 11.00R20 steel wire tires.

Cab: Fully enclosed 6-way airbag seat, four-point suspension, luxury cab, two-color interior, fully enclosed rearview mirror, illuminated logo, LED daytime running lights, central locking, electric glass one-button start , Tracheal desiccant, sunshade, driving recorder, automatic constant temperature air conditioning, multi-function reverse disc, multimedia display.

Crane parameters of Sany 12-ton truck mounted crane

Sany 12-ton crane, four-section boom, model SPS30000, high-altitude seat operation mode, the crane arm is 14.8 meters long, and the lifting height is 16.8 meters. Sany 12-ton crane adopts plunger pump system, which has fast operation speed, stable quality, accurate positioning and high operation efficiency. It is the best crane in China.

Car Specifications: Car headroom length 8.4 meters, width 2.4 meters, height 55 cm, side plate 2mm thick, bottom plate 4mm thick, through sub-beam structure, stronger bearing capacity, riveting integrated process, anti-rust, anti-deformation, anti-distortion, Good bearing capacity and durable.


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