Shacman Delong with Sany 20 ton crane


Shacman Delong with Sany 20 ton crane

Guide: Shaanxi Automobile Delong has a 20-ton truck-mounted crane with the first four and the last eight, and the national VI emission standard. , the arm length is 21.6 meters, the carriage length is 8.4 meters, and the market guide price is 693,000 yuan. The manufacturer supports installment payment. Please inquire for details of monthly supply.

Shacman Delong with Sany 20 ton crane

Shacman Delong with Sany 20 ton crane

Shacman Delong with Sany 20 ton crane

Chassis configuration Shacman Delong with Sany 20 ton crane

Shaanxi Automobile Delong, military chassis, solid structural performance, durable, equipped with Weichai 350-horsepower 8-liter displacement engine, Fast 10-speed gearbox high and low gears, golden power matching, front axle 7.5 tons, rear axle 16 Ton wheel side reduction axle (the only one in the market), multi-leaf spring double riding bolts, 300mm straight-through three-layer girder, 12.00R20 steel wire tire.

Cab: Shaanxi Automobile Delong new M3000 four-point suspension cab, with sleeper, main driver airbag seat, comfortable driving. Electric air conditioner, steering assist, electric glass, air brake, driving recorder, Tianxingjian vehicle terminal system, speed limiter, 165Ah maintenance-free battery, etc.

Crane parameters Sany 20 ton crane

Sany 20-ton 5-section boom crane, model SPS50000, high-altitude operation mode, the maximum boom length of the crane is 21.6 meters, and the maximum lifting height is 24.3 meters. Sany 20-ton crane adopts plunger pump system, which has fast operation speed and accurate positioning. The planetary rotary reducer is adopted, and the steering is stable. Two-section boom with single-out function, super load-bearing telescopic capability.

Compartment Specifications Shacman Delong with Sany 20 ton crane

The interior size of the compartment is 8400×2450×550mm, the Dongfeng integrated engineering compartment, the appearance of the lattice plate structure, the thickness of the side is three and the bottom is five, the single side is three doors, the bottom beam of the compartment is encrypted, and the beam adopts 12×12 high-strength C type Bending parts, 8mm thick rolled steel sub-beam, strong bearing capacity of the carriage, not easy to deform.

Announcement parameters Shacman Delong with Sany 20 ton crane

Shaanxi Automobile brand SX5319JSQMC6Z2 truck-mounted crane, vehicle size 12000×2550×3980mm, interior size 8400×2450×600mm, total mass 31000kg, wagon dead weight 20300kg, rated load mass 10570kg, comprehensive fuel consumption 37.4L/100Km, driving The room can accommodate up to 2 people.


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