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Shaanxi Automobile Delong 8×4 cleaning sewage suction truck Euro Six

Shaanxi Automobile Delong 8×4 cleaning sewage suction truck Euro Six

Vehicle technical parameters
Vehicle model CL5312GQW6CC product name Cleaning the sewage suction truck
Total mass (kg) 31000 Rated mass (kg) 11300,11235
Curb weight (kg) 19570 Maximum speed (km/h) 89
Dimensions (mm) 12000×2550×3850 Number of passengers 2,3
Approach angle/departure angle (°) 16/10 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1525/2700


Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Shaanxi Automobile Chassis model SX1319MC6F1C
Number of axes 4 Number of tires 12
Wheelbase (mm) 1800+3000+1400 Tires 12.00R20 18PR
Fuel type Diesel oil Emission Standards Euro Six
engine Weichai 430 horsepower Gearbox Fast 12 gears
Basic chassis configuration
Chassis configuration China VI engine Weichai 430 horsepower, Fast 12-speed gearbox, tires: 12.00R20, M3000 extended high-top cab, hydraulic suspension, air main seat, manual flip of the cab, metal bumper, electric air conditioning, electric Window lifter, domestic steering gear, domestic clutch, spare tire frame, domestic four-channel ABS, rocker arm remote throttle control device, Tianxingjianzhiya version of BD vehicle terminal, transmission power take-off.
Upload configuration The total volume of the tank is 33 cubic meters, the clean water tank is about 10 cubic meters, and the rest are sewage tanks. The two warehouses are interconnected and made of 8mm truck bon steel. The sewage suction part uses Weichai 420 horsepower, 258 water circulation pump, and 8 meters sewage suction pipe 1 Root, widened platforms and guardrails on both sides of the tank body, a 600mm hydraulically opened drain port at the rear, a 150mm drain ball valve, a 100 drain ball valve, a 100 internal ball valve, a steal drain 150 ball valve, one on the left and one on the rear Arrow light, equipped with float 330 flow, equipped with 60-meter inner diameter 25 high-pressure pipe, with reel, reel hydraulically rotating left and right, equipped with a 9 kg gun head, the color of the whole vehicle is red and yellow.


High Pressure Cleaning

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