Shaanxi Automobile Delong 8×4 16 Tons XCMG Truck-mounted Crane


Real shot pictures of Shaanxi Automobile Delong’s 8x4 16-ton XCMG truck-mounted cranes

Shaanxi Automobile Delong 8x4 16 tons XCMG truck mounted crane configuration

Chassis configuration:
It adopts Shaanxi Automobile Delong 8x4 special chassis, the cab can choose F3000 or M3000 cab, the engine can choose Weichai 300 horsepower or 336 horsepower, the Euro five emission standard, Weichai 310 horsepower is equipped with Shaanxi gear 9-speed gearbox, 336 horsepower with 12-speed gearbox of Shaanxi gear, 7.5 tons front axle, 13 tons rear axle, 12.00 steel wire tires for the whole vehicle, standard truck go box length of 8.2 meters, 8.4 meters, the form of the truck go box can be made into manual expansion or hydraulic expansion. The bottom plate of the box is 5mm thick, which can be used as a crane with a climbing ladder, original air conditioner, direction assist, driving recorder, original power take-off, ABS anti-lock brake system, air brake system, 400L aluminum alloy fuel tank.

Crane parameters:
XCMG 16-ton five-section telescopic boom crane parameters, the crane is 5.6 meters long without extension, 18.5 meters full extension, and 20 meters lifting height. The horizontal lifting parameters are: boom length 18.5 meters, lifting 1 ton , 11.5 meters lifting 3.2 tons, 5.6 meters lifting 7 tons, 2.7 meters lifting 16 tons. Or dual-chamber hydraulic rear outriggers with high-altitude seats. The 16-ton crane is equipped with dual-chamber hydraulic rear outriggers as standard. The high-altitude console has an electronic display to observe the lifting weight at any time.
Vehicle parameters:
Vehicle name: Shaanxi Automobile Delong 8x4 16 tons XCMG truck mounted crane
Vehicle model: SX5310JSQHB466
Chassis model: SX1310MB6
Truck Size: yellow truck d
Vehicle size: 12000×2550×3980mm
Cargo box size: 8400×2450×600mm
Chassis brand: Shaanxi Automobile Delong 8x4 truck-mounted crane chassis
Crane brand: 12 to 16 ton cranes such as XCMG, Sany, Shimei, etc. are available
Cargo box length: 8.2 meters, 8.4 meters
The truck-mounted crane manufacturer makes the whole vehicle strictly in accordance with the requirements of the announcement, does not exceed the size, has a fuel announcement, an environmental protection announcement, and the EuroV emission standard, and is listed on a Euro scale. At the same time, our company can also arrange professionals to assist users in listing, please rest assured to buy.

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