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Shaanxi Automobile Delong 10-12 cbm mixer truck

Shaanxi Automobile Delong 10-12 cbm mixer truck parameter configuration table and picture display


Main performance parameters of Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 10-12 cbm concrete mixer truck
Chassis configuration : The original chassis of Shaanxi Automobile Company, Weichai 340 horsepower engine, six-cylinder with intercooled supercharged Euro IV engine,
Front axle 7.5T, German MAN dual rear axle 16T, 12.00 steel tires, Fast nine-speed transmission,
The new flat-top cab with horizontal metallic paint, with original air conditioner. Airbag seat, reversing radar, 350L aluminum alloy fuel tank.
The upper tank body is made of manganese steel plate (6mm), using Sany Heavy Industry’s tank-making technology, and the tank body is formed at one time.
The blades of the mixing tank are made of 5-6mm alloy truck bon steel, and the residual rate is less than 1%.
The three major hydraulic components use German Rexroth (A4VTG90) oil pump and German Rexroth (AA2FM90) motor,
German ZF (P7300) reducer, Shandong Yantai ice wheel radiator. The vehicle has high stability and low failure rate.

Original imported Italian PMP hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, reducer. The three pieces can be selected from German Rexroth.
The SX5256GJBDR404 concrete mixer truck is the latest Euro IV emission standard and can be registered.


Product number Wheelbase engine Gearbox Tires
Delong F3000-8 cbm mixer truck 3640+1350 Weichai 310 Shaanxi Gear 9 1200 steel
Delong F3000-10 cbm mixer truck 3775+1400 Weichai 340 Shaanxi Gear 9 1200 steel
Delong F3000-12 cbm mixer truck 3975+1400 Weichai 340 Shaanxi Gear 9 1200 steel
Delong F3000-14 cbm mixer truck 4375+1400 Weichai 340 Shaanxi Gear 9 1200 steel
Delong F3000-16 cbm mixer truck 1800+3575+1350 Weichai 375 Shaanxi Gear 9 1200 steel


Vehicle size (length×width×height) 9810×2490×3950 (mm)
Tank volume 10-12 cubic
Can be equipped with engine
model rated power Manufacturer
WP12.336 247kw (336 horsepower) Weichai Power Co., Ltd.
Vehicle performance
Total mass 25000 (kg)
Curb quality 13700 (kg)
Tonnage 11170 (kg)
Wheelbase 3775+1400, 3975+1400 (mm)
Tire specifications 12.00R20 steel wire tire
Number of tires 10 (one with spare tire)

Shaanxi Automobile Delong 10–12 cbm concrete mixer truck chassis configuration
The new flat-top cab, Weichai 340 hp high-pressure common rail engine, Shaanxi Gear 9-speed gearbox, 16 ton wheels reduced double rear axle, 12.00 steel wire tires, with original air conditioning.
Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 10- 12 cbm concrete mixer truck price quotation description
A must-see before buying a truck : Our company has declared the Euro fuel compliance notice for this model, and can legally apply for an operation certificate. Because the concrete mixer tank body, engine, hydraulic system and other configurations are different, the price of the whole vehicle is different. You can buy the truck Contact us before, we will give you the most suitable model configuration and the most favorable price according to your needs.
Manufacturer consultation telephone: +86 18872992009(Wechat&Whatsapp) +86 18872992009(Wechat&Whatsapp) Business QQ: 907115110
Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 12 cbm concrete mixer tank body configuration
The tank is composed of four parts: an elliptical head, a front frustum, a cylinder and a back frustum. There are two spiral stirring blades inside, a raceway outside the back frustum, and a maintenance manhole on the cylinder. .
Special performance and composition of Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 12 cbm concrete mixer truck
It is mainly composed of a bottom frame, a mixing drum, a transmission system (drive device), a hydraulic drive system, a water adding system, a loading (feeding) and unloading system, a discharge chute, an operating platform, a control system and protective equipment. The hydraulic drive system is composed of Reducer, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, radiator, tubing and other parts. The sub-frame is composed of auxiliary beams, front brackets, rear brackets, supporting wheels, etc.; the conveying system is composed of a hopper, a V-shaped groove and two sections The U-shaped conveying trough is composed to complete the feeding and discharging tasks.
Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 12 cbm concrete mixer truck issued
Chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, Euro unified motor vehicle invoice, vehicle-mounted tools, vehicle warranty manual, Euro service station directory, etc.


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