Several key points that can easily lead to the difficulty of cleaning the sewage suction truck and entering the household, we must know.


Three years after the implementation of the Euro V emission standards, the cleaning and suction vehicles have been in decline, and the cleaning and suction vehicles under the Euro VI emission standards have become popular. Beginning in 2019, some cities in my Euro have taken the lead in implementing the Euro VI emission standards for special vehicles. After July 1, 2020, the Euro VI standards will be fully implemented nationwide. Euro V emission cleaning and suction trucks are about to become history. None of the special-purpose vehicle manufacturers expected that the Euro VI came so quickly and was caught off guard. But there is no way, Euro policies and regulations have to be followed. So various manufacturers have launched the Euro VI announcement of cleaning sewage suction trucks.

Because the announcements are relatively urgent, the announcement data of many manufacturers is not perfect. In addition, many sales staff are unprofessional, unfamiliar with the products and announcements, and are not clear about the user-listing policy, which leads to customers buying their recommended models. Difficulty or unable to register. The problems that are more likely to occur are the following six points. Customers who want to buy sewage suction trucks and sales staff who sell sewage suction trucks should pay attention to this information.

1. The actual quality does not match the curb quality.
Cleaning the sewage suction truck has two functions in one truck , which means that the structure of the sewage suction truck is more compact and there are more accessories, which means that the weight of the whole vehicle is greater. The actual servicing quality does not match the announced servicing quality, which is a very common phenomenon for cleaning sewage suction trucks. When cleaning the sewage suction truck, a problem that is prone to appear when you go to the house is overweight. If the whole vehicle is overweight, it will naturally not be able to go to the household. Especially for the small -brand cleaning and sewage suction trucks, there is currently no domestic vehicle with a curb quality that meets the requirements of the announcement. In other words, there is currently no real small -brand cleaning and suction truck that is not overweight in China. Therefore, when buying a small -brand cleaning and suction truck, it is best to entrust the cleaning and suction truck manufacturer to help with the registration procedures. Yellow truck d cleaning and suction trucks are relatively better in terms of overweight, but the problem of overweight still exists. When buying a yellow truck d cleaning and sewage suction truck, you need to choose a model with a higher quality among similar models.
2. There is no environmental protection announcement for the engine.
The announcement of the Euro VI Fecal Suction Truck has only been applied for in the second half of 19, and now it has experienced a new crown epidemic, which has caused many special vehicle manufacturers to delay the announcement, especially the environmental protection announcement of the engine. Therefore, before purchasing a fecal suction truck, let the sales staff reconfirm that the selected engine has an environmental protection announcement.

3. The size of the whole vehicle and the tank body are inconsistent with the announcement.
When special vehicles go to the house, the inspection line generally uses infrared scanning, so the current suction truck needs to fully comply with the tank size and the size of the vehicle specified in the announcement. At present, the suction truck has a better grasp of the tank size and the size of the whole vehicle. But it does not rule out that the workshop makes mistakes due to negligence in production. Therefore, the size of the suction truck must be measured again before leaving the factory.
4. The appearance of the whole vehicle does not match the announcement picture.
The appearance of the sewage suction truck, especially the appearance of the rear, needs to be truck efully checked with the announcement picture. Because sewage suction vehicles are exempt models, the tax authorities have stricter controls on exempt models.
5. The frame number and engine number are inconsistent with the chassis certificate and the vehicle certificate.
Before 19 years, this kind of problem occurred more often, but now there is basically no error. But once you make a mistake, the consequences will be serious. Just in case, before leaving the factory, the suction truck will check the frame number and engine number. The large frame of the sewage suction truck is on the beam near the front tire in the direction of the passenger cabin. The engine number is on the cylinder block of the engine and needs to be looked up truck efully.

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