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Semi-trailer asphalt truck

Semi-trailer asphalt truck parameter configuration table and picture display

Semi-trailer asphalt trucks are called: asphalt semi-trailer truck, asphalt semi-trailer, asphalt insulation semi-trailer truck, semi-trailer insulation asphalt truck, etc.

Semi-trailer asphalt truck is a large-capacity asphalt truck developed mainly according to the requirement of large asphalt transportation volume in highway construction . The asphalt transport tank with a unique thermal insulation structure and high-efficiency thermal insulation materials, and equipped with a high-power burner, can carry out long-distance and large-capacity transportation of various asphalts. The asphalt semi-trailer has a large tank body and is a long-distance transportation. ideal asphalt bitumen transport vehicles.


Asphalt semi-trailer tank insulation materials have a variety of materials, such as rock wool, glass fiber, polyurethane foam, aluminum silicate and other high-quality thermal insulation materials. The outer layer can be made of high-quality carbon steel cold-rolled sheet or stainless steel iron sheet for outer covering, which is strong and beautiful.


The ball valves used in the semitrailer asphalt truck are all high-temperature-resistant butterfly valves made of carbon steel or stainless steel. High temperature resistant ball valves are divided into ordinary sealed high temperature resistant ball valves and hard sealed high temperature resistant butterfly valves. The top of hard sealed high temperature resistant butterfly valves has a pressure thermometer.


Asphalt semi-trailer truck axles can be selected from BPW axles, Fuhua axles, York axles, Dongfeng axles and other brands.
Users have special requirements for the truck trailer asphalt or export directly caused by asphalt truck manufacturers electricity sales consultation, please set the car to the contract shall prevail, the Company reserves the right to improve the product. Asphalt truck product consultation hotline: +86 18872992009(Wechat&Whatsapp) +86 722 7113456 .

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