Sanhuan Haolong Sanyi 10-ton truck-mounted crane

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Sanhuan Haolong Sany 10 tons truck crane real shot pictures

Sanhuan Haolong Sany 10-ton truck-mounted crane configuration

Chassis configuration:
Chassis model STQ5258JSQD5, T260 Haolong cab (airbag seat), Yuchai YC6JA220-50 engine, Shaanxi 8JS105 gearbox, 300mm (8+5) partial three-layer outsourcing of the beam, 145 reinforced double front axle, 153 wide brake rear Bridge, 11.00R20 steel wire tire, 280L aluminum alloy fuel tank, with ABS, under protection. The biggest feature of the chassis is: the rear of the truck go box can be equipped with a ladder function to pull the excavator.

Crane parameters:
Sany crane, a big brand, is familiar to everyone. Three-one 10-ton four-section straight-arm crane, with a maximum lifting height of 16.3 meters, a horizontal working radius of 14.3 meters, downward operation (optional installation of upper operation), and its own weight of 3.8 tons. The boom extends 8 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 4.5 tons. The crane extends 10 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 3.6 tons. The crane extends 12 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 2.7 tons. The crane extends 14 meters and has a maximum lifting capacity of 1.9 tons.
Announce the standard size of the container is 8500*2400*550mm, the length of the container is 5.8 meters, and the width is 2.3 meters. Box thickness: 3mm side board, 4mm chassis. The truck go box can be specially customized according to user requirements. A telescopic device can be installed at the tail of the truck go box to extend the length of the truck go box by up to 1 meter. At the same time, optional self-unloading function can be installed mutually. An optional ladder function can be installed at the rear of the truck go box.

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