Sanhuan Haolong mounted Sany crane


Sanhuan Haolong mounted Sany crane

The price of Sanhuan Haolong rear eight-wheeled Sany 14-ton truck-mounted crane is ¥453,000. Due to the different requirements of different users, please inquire for the exact price of the car. We will give you the most practical configuration and the best price according to your needs. s price.

Sanhuan Haolong mounted Sany crane

Sanhuan Haolong mounted Sany crane

Sanhuan Haolong mounted Sany crane

Sanhuan Haolong mounted Sany crane configuration

The body is equipped with a Sany 14-ton crane, and the length of the cargo box is 8.5 meters. The crane can lift up to 14 tons, the maximum cargo capacity of the vehicle is 25 tons, and the maximum load is 7.5 tons without being overweight. The whole vehicle is not overweight or oversized, and it can be listed normally across the euro (except Beijing and Shenzhen).

Sanhuan Haolong mounted Sany crane Chassis configuration

T280 Haolong cab (airbag seat, multi-function steering wheel) appearance, Yuchai 270hp engine, Shaanxi Gear 9JS119 gearbox, 300mm (8+8) girders with partial three-layer outsourcing, 153 front axle, 153 wide brake Double rear axle, 11.00R20 steel wire tire, 280L aluminum alloy fuel tank, with ABS, lower protection, steering assist, air brake, new configuration in 2018.

Crane parameters Sany 14 tons crane

14-ton 315-section boom truck crane, crane model SPS35000, operated on a high-altitude seat, 14-ton Sany crane adopts dual-pump hydraulic system, high operating efficiency, optimized structure design, and lighter weight , The transportation capacity is stronger, the maximum lifting height of the 14-ton Sany truck crane is 20.8 meters, and the maximum working radius is 18 meters. Sany cranes belong to the best quality cranes in China, with stable quality, extremely low maintenance rate and very durable.

Cargo box parameters Sanhuan Haolong mounted Sany crane

the maximum length of the car box is 8.5 meters, the width is 2.4 meters, the height is 55 cm, and the standard thickness is two sides and four bottoms. Users can also choose the thickness of side two and bottom five according to their needs, or encrypt the square steel at the bottom of the cargo box. Users can also add cargo boxes by themselves in accordance with the announcement and listing standards.

Parameters of Sanhuan Haolong mounted Sany crane

vehicle nameSanhuan Haolong mounted Sany crane
vehicle model Sanhuan STQ5258JSQS5
Manufacturer Chengli Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Vehicle size 12000×2550×3880mm (length, width and height)
Cargo size 8500×2400×550mm (length, width and height)
engine model Yuchai 270 hp
gearbox Shaanxi gear 9-speed gearbox
Girder Specifications 300mm (8+8) girders with partial three-layer outsourcing
Front and rear axles Front axle 5 tons, rear axle 10 tons
tire model 11.00R20 18PR
Hoist model Sany 14 ton five-section boom crane, model SPS35000
Hoist parameters Octagonal boom section, operated on a high-altitude seat, the maximum lifting height of the crane is 20.5 meters, and the maximum working range is 18 meters
total mass 25000(kg)
Upper household tonnage 7455(kg)
curb weight 17350(kg)
Model advantage Sanhuan Haolong rear eight-wheel chassis, high horsepower, equipped with Sany 12-ton high-quality crane, the quality is guaranteed

Car purchase method: Users can come to the factory for inspection, purchase the car in full or pay in installments, and the price of the whole vehicle remains unchanged under the two car purchase methods. Installment payment, only 20%~50% down payment, 24 months, 36 months, interest as low as 5%, according to the lender's qualification review, the fastest disbursement within 24 hours.

After-sales service: The chassis part is fully sold by Sanhuan Automobile Group for one year or 30,000 kilometers, and 300 after-sales service stations across the euro can provide warranty. The crane part is sold by Sany Heavy Industry Group, with a one-year warranty and door-to-door maintenance within 24 hours.


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