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Sanhuan Haolong 5 Ton Truck Crane Flatbed Transporter

Sanhuan Haolong 5-ton truck-mounted flatbed transporter real shot pictures

Sanhuan Haolong 5-ton truck-mounted crane flatbed transport vehicle configuration

Chassis configuration:
T260 Haolong cab (airbag seat), Yuchai YC6JA180-50 engine, EuroV standard, Shaanxi 8JS85E gearbox, 300mm (8+5) partial three-layer outsourcing of the beam, 153 wide brakes on the front axle, and 153 wide rear axles Brake, 10.00R20 steel wire tire, 280L aluminum alloy fuel tank. With ABS, under protection, with 2018 new configuration. Advantages: The chassis can be equipped with an optional loading box and a climbing ladder.

Crane parameters:
Choose Chengli 5 tons three-section straight arm crane, 360 degree full rotation, arm length 11.5 meters, working radius 9.5 meters, and the maximum lifting capacity is 1 ton. A warm reminder from the truck crane manufacturer: Please strictly follow the nameplate instructions when using the vehicle.
Cargo box climbing part:
Adopting Euro standard 5MM thick checkered plate, the middle beam is made of 100MM sets of 100MM high-quality Euro standard cbm steel, and the rear part is equipped with manual reinforced double spring climbing ladder. The actual width of the standard flatbed trailer is 2.5 meters, and it can be manually extended and widened to 3 meters. , Each side is widened by 25 cm, and each side is controlled by a handle.
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