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Qingling Isuzu KV600 trucks

April 24, 2020

Recently discovered Qingling Isuzu Isuzu 4K engine KV600 this topic became the focus of attention of users, Xiao Ming for Qingling Isuzu Isuzu 4K engine KV600 interested, then compiled a list of the relevant information supplied to us a deeper understanding of Qingling Isuzu Isuzu 4K engine KV600 share to you.

Isuzu 600P

In 1994, Qingling Isuzu 600P models and Japan simultaneously listed, due to the outstanding performance recognized by customers, many of whom are postal, SF and other groups.KV600 upgraded models can be seen as the 600P, 700P uses the truck d in the same paragraph wide cab, enhanced chassis, the latter also launched air brake version, not the end of the Qingling Isuzu light truck air brake situation.

Real shot Isuzu truck equipped with the new 4K engine, model 4KH1CN5HS, displacement of 3.0 liters, maximum power of 130 hp, 290 Nm of torque, the use of SCR technology to the treatment five emitters.Qingling matching five-speed gearbox.

Isuzu kv600

Sign tops from Guangdong cis Hajime production process without using pressure plate frame composite envelope; formula entire external skin; cold bridges built PVC, is provided with a high strength and light weight characteristics of the insulation compartments.Cargo volume 4030x2220x2200mm, volume of about 19 cubic meters.Compliance can be installed through the transom Guangdong Shun Chao announcement, improve truck go handling efficiency.

Qingling Isuzu chassis KV600 cold chain industry is an evergreen tree, a good quality reputation, a joint venture brand attributes can also show the strength of transport enterprises to some extent,.

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