Qingling Isuzu Guardrail Cleaning Truck


Isuzu Guardrail Cleaning Truck, The water tank volume is 3 cubic meters, the water tank is made of (3mm) stainless steel sheet, the auxiliary engine model is JX493G3, and the roller brushes are 4

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Qingling Isuzu guardrail cleaning truck

Qingling Isuzu Guardrail Cleaning Truck

Qingling Isuzu Guardrail Cleaning Truck ( Euro IV ) has a water tank volume of 3 cubic meters meters, the water tank is made of stainless steel, the auxiliary engine model is JX493G3, and 4 roller brushes; equipped with domestic high-quality micro water pumps and domestic high-quality hydraulic motors (imported hydraulic motors are optional) , Stable performance, reliable quality; centralized operation control in the cab, simple and convenient.

Dedicated configuration:Stainless steel tank side 2.5mm and bottom 4mm, domestic motor, hydraulic pump, Yuci valve, single-cylinder plunger small water pump, roller brush has nozzles for water spray cleaning, 6-8 nozzles front and rear, and a low-pressure flushing nozzle on the rear side of the cab With four vertical rows of cleaning rollers to flush the guardrail.
Mode of operation: integrated control in the cab (Schrader). Rear LED arrow indicator light. With Jiangling auxiliary engine.
Optional: 1. Imported motor. 2. Sprinkler function. 3. Cleaning of marking lines (when not on the truck d). 4. Without auxiliary engine.

Main technical parameters of Qingling Isuzu guardrail cleaning truck ( Euro IV )
product name: Qingling Isuzu Guardrail Cleaning Truck ( Euro Fourth) Product Code: CLW5070GQX4
engine model: 4JB1CN Engine manufacturer: Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd.
engine capacity: 2771 Engine power: 72
Dimensions (length/width/height): 5990×1980×2600 Cargo compartment (length/width/height):
Total mass (Kg): 7300 Load quality utilization factor:
Curb weight (kg): 3670 Rated load (kg): 3500
Rated passengers (person): Front passenger (person): 2
Approach / departure angle: 24/12 Front suspension/rear suspension: 1015/1615
Wheelbase (mm): 3360 Axle load: 2580/4720
Number of axes: 2 Number of springs: 8/6+5
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications: 7.00-16 14PR,7.00R16 14PR
Front track: 1504 Rear track: 1425
Steering Type: steering wheel Starting method:
product code: ZK7PJ3VJ01P Release date: 20120711
Identification code: LWLDAR3G× According to the standard: GB17691-2005 ( Euro IV), GB3847-2005GB17691-2005 ( Euro IV), GB3847-2005
Chassis model: QL10703HARY
other: Protective material: Q235A truck bon steel, connection method: the left and right sides and the rear lower part of the protection are all welded, the rear protection section size (mm): 100×50, the rear protection ground height (mm): 380.


Announcement of exemption (this truck is an exempt vehicle, no purchase tax)

Qingling Isuzu Guardrail Cleaning Truck

Four components of Qingling Isuzu guardrail cleaning truck:
1. Oil circuit, water circuit, gas circuit, circuit composition 1. The oil circuit and water circuit are powered by the auxiliary engine to complete its various links;
2. The air circuit uses the main vehicle air source and cylinder to complete the auxiliary engine clutch;
3. The electrical part is to complete the operation of the oil circuit, water circuit, and gas circuit.

2. Qingling Isuzu guardrail cleaning truck has the following major components: 1. The auxiliary engine adopts Jiangling 55KW engine;
2. Hydraulic double pump, multi-way valve station, hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic oil cooler;
3. Hydraulic motors, large and small hydraulic cylinders, various hydraulic pipelines;
4. Four nylon brushes for cleaning (imported nylon wire);
5. One stainless steel water tank (3 cubic meters meters) black cat plunger pump and various water nozzles;
6. One transfer case (main vehicle deceleration effect);
7. A small cylinder for the auxiliary engine (it is used as a clutch for the auxiliary engine);
8. Distribution box, operation box (it is used to control various operating functions);
9.The truck can wash 3 kilometers per hour, and a full tank of water can wash 6 kilometers.

Main advantages of Isuzu guardrail cleaning truck

1, with the double-sided guard rail cleaning job, the job becomes three minutes to complete the job brush satisfy highway specificity (one-way traffic)

2. Double roller brush operation, high cleaning efficiency, fast operation speed, 3-10km/h.

3, hydraulic protection device, roller bilateral protection, maintaining a constant distance from the roller brush with the guardrail, the cleaning quality and stability

4, high-pressure water cleaning, high water, wash water per ton fence 6-10km.

5, a polygonal flexible wire brush, high-pressure washing: Cleaning leaving no destructive paint.

6, high-strength metal structure: stable and reliable.

7, all of the hydraulic drive, stable performance, reliable quality.

8. Original and special water-circulating water-cooled hydraulic oil tank, the hydraulic oil and hydraulic pipes will not heat up during operation, which can well protect the normal operation of the equipment.

9, roller mechanism positioned in front of the cab, the operator can operate directly clear

10, independent power source, to ensure stable washing machine, while saving energy

11, advanced technology, reasonable design, safety, energy saving, stable and reliable

12, starting, stopping, lifting, deflection operations, all the operator's cab.

Qingling Isuzu Guardrail Cleaning Truck

Qingling Isuzu Guardrail Cleaning Truck

Qingling Isuzu Guardrail Cleaning Truck

Qingling Isuzu Guardrail Cleaning Truck

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