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Qingling Isuzu 600P 4.1m Refrigerator Truck

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Qingling Isuzu 600P4.1m refrigerated truck


Isuzu 600P refrigerated truck parameters

Configuration : Qingling Isuzu 4KH1-TCG40 diesel engine, 88 kilowatts, 120 horsepower, cab with air-conditioning without turning, original direction assist, 5- speed gearbox, 3360 wheelbase, 6.50-16 nylon tires, fuel, small , oil Brake, the total mass is 4295 , the truck rying mass is 1485 , and the curb weight is 2680 .

Car body: inner and outer glass fiber reinforced plastic, patterned aluminum bottom plate , 8cm polyurethane insulation, stainless steel door locks, double-opening door, with side door, -5 degree refrigeration unit.


Product parameter
product name: Isuzu (Qingling) Refrigerator Truck Vehicle model: QL5040XLCA1HAJ (diesel) Qingling brand
engine model: 4KH1-TCG40 Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd. Chassis model: QL1040A1HAY
Engine horsepower: 120 horsepower Vehicle size: 5995×1975×2940
Tyre model: 6.50-16 10PR,6.50R16 10PR Body size: 4095×1745×1775
Wheelbase: 3360 Total mass: 4295KG
The number of passengers in the cab: 2 people Rated contained mass: 1485KG


Manufacturing process and optional configuration


Optional configuration
Outer compartment material: FRP, color steel plate, aluminum alloy, stainless steel Meat hook truck : Top rail slide, stainless steel meat hook
Material in the compartment: FRP, color steel plate, aluminum alloy, stainless steel ventilation system: Ventilation slots on the floor, ventilation partitions around the compartment
Polyurethane insulation thickness: 5CM, 8CM, 10CM, 12CM Logger: Onboard printing, high and low temperature alarm, GPS positioning
Install side opening door: Single side door, double side door Classification of refrigeration/heating units: Non-independent unit, independent unit, integrated machine
Domestic refrigeration unit: Shanghai Songhan, Binggou, Hanxue, K brand and other domestic well-known brands 0~-5°C/-10°~-15°C/-10°C~-18°C
Imported refrigeration unit: Inter Euro brands such as American Carrier, Cold King, Korean Asian Asia, etc. 0~-5°C/-10°~-15°C/-10°C-18°C

Configuration instructions
It is suitable for the transportation of frozen meat products, cold drinks, seafood transportation, medical supplies, epidemic prevention goods transportation, electronic products, high-tech products, clean, constant temperature transportation, flowers, fruits, etc.
The standard configuration of this truck : the body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic inside and outside, the thickness of polyurethane insulation board is 8 cm, and it is made of vacuum laminating. After the standard configuration, the double-opening door, the door opening and the door lock lever are all 304 stainless steel, beautiful, strong and durable, and the bottom plate The thickness is 10CM, the surface of the bottom plate is non-slip patterned aluminum plate, and the Shanghai Songhan H200A refrigeration unit is installed.


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