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Qingling Double Row Refrigerator Truck

Qingling double row refrigerated truck parameter configuration table and picture display

Main technical parameters of Qingling double-row refrigerated truck
product name: Qingling Double Row Refrigerator Truck Dimensions: 5530 × 1930 × 2880 (mm)
Chassis model: NKR77GLCWCJAY Cargo compartment size: 2580 × 1700 × 1700 (mm)
Total quality: 4415 (kg) Approach/departure angle: 24/15 ( ° )
Rated quality: 1340 (kg) Front suspension/rear suspension: 1015/1750 (mm)
Quality of preparation: 2750 (kg) Maximum speed: 100 (km/h)
Engine: 4KH1-TC
Displacement: 2999 (ml) Work rate: 96 (kw)
Manufacturer: Qingling Motors Co., Ltd.
Emission Standards: GB17691-2005 (Euro III)
Number of axes: 2 Front track: 1504 (mm)
Wheelbase: 2765 (mm) Rear wheel base: 1425 (mm)
Number of tires : 6 Tire specifications: 7.50-15,7
Fuel type: Diesel oil Number of springs: 8/6+5
Axle load: Number of passengers in the cab 2
Vehicle remarks: The top of the compartment is closed, and a deflector is optional. In addition to the rear door of the compartment, side doors can be installed on both sides of the compartment.
Multi-dimensional map:
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>>Description of refrigerated truck:

◆The above refrigerated vehicles can be modified according to user requirements, and can bring their own chassis to our company for processing (the company provides the modification certificate)
◆Our company is a well-known domestic refrigerated truck manufacturer. It can provide users with various types of refrigerated trucks, and can also design and manufacture various types of refrigerated trucks for users. The price is subject to consultation.

▲Features description:
Excellent connotation: The inter Euro ly advanced fully enclosed polyester panel structure body has better thermal insulation performance and higher strength than the traditional “integral structure”, “sub-panel injection foam structure” and “open sandwich structure”. The multi-cavity anti-low temperature insulation sealing strip can effectively enhance the air tightness between the door body and the door body and the truck body, and reduce the cooling loss of the truck body. The truck body is light in weight, saving the power of the main engine; the truck board has no joints, and the surface is smooth, easy to clean, impact resistant and corrosion resistant.

Tailor-made: professional technology guarantees the best match of power, refrigeration and heat preservation. Professional design of any side door, different thickness of the compartment board, different temperature zones, different materials and colors of the inner and outer compartment skins, etc., economical, convenient, personalized and environmentally friendly. Install more than 60 kinds of sophisticated auxiliary devices such as aluminum guide rails, truck go fixing and suspension devices, lifting tail plates, and truck GPS satellite positioning systems as you need to escort and have a new experience.
Fashion appearance: the new design of external structure and partial structure, such as the bevel angle, frame, dustproof door lock, rain trough, door handle, and perfect combination of man-machine principle and practicality.

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