Qingling Aerial Work Truck

The lifting height of Qingling aerial work truck can reach 14-16 meters. It is mainly used for tree pruning, street lamp maintenance, wall cleaning, etc. For more information Qingling aerial vehicles, Qingling Aerial pictures, prices Qingling aerial vehicles, Qingling aerial vehicles accessories please contact sales hotline 13872888627

Qingling aerial operating vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

Qingling Aerial Work Truck

Detailed product parameters are as follows↓
Main technical parameters of Qingling aerial operating vehicle
product name: Qingling Aerial Work Truck Dimensions: 7400×2000×3100(mm)
Chassis model:


Working height: 14 meters to 16 meters
Total mass: 5660(Kg) Approach/departure angle: 24/11(°)
Rated quality: / Front suspension and rear suspension: 1015/2180(mm)
Quality of preparation: 5335(Kg) Maximum speed: 110(km/h)
Displacement: 2999 (ml) power: 96, 88, 96(kw)

Qingling Motors Co., Ltd.

Emission Standards:

GB17691-2005 Euro V, GB3847-2005

Number of axes: 2 Front track: 1504(mm)
Wheelbase: 3360 Rear track: 1425(mm)
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications:


Fuel type: Diesel oil Number of springs: 8/6+5
Axle load: 2115/2970 Number of passengers in the cab: 2+3
Vehicle remarks: The boom of the truck has a forward extension of 845mm; the cab is optional with the chassis.
Dedicated performance: 1. The key parts of Qingling aerial work truck produced by our company have high reliability, excellent performance and long service life.
2. Four hydraulic outriggers are installed on the truck to ensure the stability and safety of Qingling aerial work truck during operation.
3. The outriggers and working arms of Qingling aerial work truck are interlocked to prevent misoperation. The outriggers have a large span and good stability, and can be operated simultaneously or individually.
4. Qingling aerial operating vehicle has a limit function, alarms for dangerous working conditions, and excellent safety performance.
5. The Qingling aerial work truck produced by our company can rotate 360° continuously in both directions.

Qingling Aerial Work Truck Qingling Aerial Work Truck

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