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Introduction to health and epidemic prevention vehicles

March 29, 2020

Introduction to health and epidemic prevention vehicles

The drug silo and the tail of the car are set up in turn with an electric cabinet, a cleaning machine, an electric motor and a diesel generator set, the injector is a cylinder structure, the internal set is equipped with a nozzle plate, the injector back is fixed on the drug silo, the cylinder in the middle of the injector is connected with the electric control cabinet by the drive shaft, the front end of the injector is extended above the electric control cabinet, The outside of the diesel generator set is set up with a reel, which is connected with a drug gun. The utility model not only covers a large area and has a wide injection direction, but also can make the sprayed drug atomize, give full play to the role of the drug, and have good health and epidemic prevention effect.

How health and epidemic prevention vehicles work
The car is mainly used for integrated killing and disinfection operations, insecticidal operations when the main vehicle, disinfection operations to stop-based, disinfection equipment and insecticidal equipment and automotive system machine independent, wherein C30 low-capacity sprayers by the equipment comes with the battery to provide power support (U.S. imports) fixed in the rear of the rear car, And can be removed from the car, mainly used for insecticidal, disinfection, AT-405P type spray machine, installed in the car for fixed equipment, with a pipeline plate 50 meters x 2, mainly used in outdoor environment of large-area killing treatment.
The sprayer is equipped with stainless steel liquid tank (4ZOL) corrosion resistance, large amount of medicine storage, easy to use.
The car is equipped with a Japanese imported generator for field power, lighting.

Main configuration of health and epidemic prevention vehicles
1, the carrier: for the sealed large plate insulation car structure, by the bottom plate, roof, left and right side panel, front rear panel, wall panel, etc. , with the internal outsourcing edge, the corner connected by rivets into the overall carrier, the overall performance is good, the personnel ride with indoor high-power air conditioning, folding seats, control cabinets, work platform, lockers, Lighting, ventilation valves and fire extinguishers and other extortion and equipment, the upper half of the equipment using push-and-pull activity soft-top structure and folding, rain, lock, can expand the closed equipment door, effectively improve the equipment to the external environment protection capacity, thereby improving the equipment’s ability to adapt to the external environment, the lifting of the sprig to make the spray equipment fully exposed, easy to eliminate the implementation of operations, Personnel seat room and equipment used in the partition of the wall separated between the installation of an open tempered glass window, can be convenient to operate contact can also effectively prevent the operation of liquid and equipment, noise to the operator’s infringement. The rear rear of the carrier is equipped with a downward-turning rear flip door, and after turning down the limited bit block back door has a step plate on the inside of the stepplate to lower the stepplate to facilitate the upper and lower personnel. The rear carriage is an open-type carrier, equipped with multi-purpose sprayer, generator, spare wheel and preparation wheel rack liquid bucket and fire extinguisher and other car internal equipment and facilities;
2, L30 U.S. imported original ultra-low-capacity sprayer, can rotate ultra-low-capacity sprayer, its nozzle by the sealed carbon-free brush engine control, to ensure speed balance and long service life, 90% of the fog particles at a faster than 18 divisions (540 ml) / minute spray speed less than 20 microns, the spray by anode plating and chemical paint treatment, and the use of stainless steel materials to ensure long life, can be charged, and the external charging equipment can be connected with the external power supply.

Features of health and epidemic prevention vehicles
I plant the production of health and epidemic prevention vehicles high power, short body characteristics, in order to facilitate this car in the multi-town rural operation of convenient driving and operation, the engine for the country III emission standards, the cab with original air conditioning, this car for a single bridge flat head, open field of vision, driving comfort, off-road performance.
Sprinkler: Adjustable 60 degree vertical, 360 degree horizontal. Noise: Nozzle Noise s 8dba Speed: 1220cfm (34m3/min)
Spray distance: more than 30 meters Fog: 90% less than 20 microns Water pump: 591m1/min

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